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70+ Halloween Drawing Ideas To Inspire And Scare

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit?

Look no further for inspiration than these spooky and easy Halloween drawing ideas!

We’ll guide you through various spooky and fun drawing ideas perfect for the season.

There’s something for everyone, from pumpkins and witches to ghosts and zombies. 👻

Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, these ideas will let you practice different techniques and styles.

So grab your pencils (or your drawing tablet/iPad) and let’s get started!

The Halloween drawing ideas are split into a couple of categories, so keep on scrolling.

Creepy Objects

Get ready to embrace the eerie side of Halloween as we draw some creepy objects!

From the iconic candy corn, with its vibrant colors and sugary sweetness, to the menacing grins of Jack-O-Lanterns carved into pumpkins!

These objects are sure to send shivers down your spine.

Don’t forget the creepy skull, the mysterious potion, and the intricate spiderweb, all adding a macabre touch to your Halloween drawings.

Let’s get started!

Halloween Candy Corn

drawing of Halloween Candy Corn

Candy corn is a quintessential Halloween treat that adds a festive touch to your spooky doodles.

Drawing candy corn is easy and fun, with its simple triangle shape and vibrant colors.

If you’re unsure what to draw for Halloween, draw one right now! 

It’s one easy Halloween doodle that you can do quickly.

It represents the sweetness and festivity of Halloween, making it a perfect addition to your Halloween-themed drawings.

Pumpkin (Jack-O-Lantern)

drawing of Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern

Want to draw something a bit more creepy?

Draw a spooky Jack-O-Lantern with a menacing grin!

The jack-o’-lanterns can be amazing to draw for Halloween. You can even just draw a pumpkin and give it a very eery smile later.

There are no hard rules here, so just have fun with your Jack-O-Lantern design!

You can even draw a whole pumpkin patch of jack-o-lanterns. 


drawing of a skull, a great halloween drawing idea

Draw a spooky skull to add a chilling element to your Halloween artwork.

The skull is a classic symbol of Halloween, often associated with death and the macabre.

It’s one of those ideas for Halloween that you don’t have to make very complex.

Just do a simple drawing of a skull with a very round top and a couple of eyes!


drawing of a health potion

To add an enchanting touch to your Halloween drawings, grab your pen and start sketching a potion bottle.

There are all kinds of potions that you can draw!

From healing and mana potions, to poison bottles or magic purply ones.

Allow your creativity to run wild, and experiment with shapes and sizes! 

And be sure to forget a couple of details like cobwebs or strange labels.

You can also draw the liquid inside the bottle with a magical glow.

This potion will bring an element of mystery and enchantment to your Halloween artwork.


drawing of a spiderweb, a spooky drawing idea for halloween!

Adding a spiderweb is a great way to give your artwork a creepy and eerie touch!

Spiderwebs are commonly associated with Halloween and can be drawn with intricate lines and patterns.

But they can also be very simplified.

They add a creepy and mysterious element to your doodles, symbolizing the spooky nature of the holiday.

If you’re a teacher, let your students draw spiderwebs!

You can even challenge your students and see which spiderweb is drawn the best among them, make it a small art competition.

Witch Hat

a simple witch hat drawing, perfect for halloween

A witch hat can be a wonderful and magical drawing idea for Halloween!

The witch hat can be drawn with a pointed cone shape and a wide brim, giving it an eerie and iconic look.

It can be decorated with spiderwebs, bats, or even a skull accessory. Depending on you (or your child’s) drawing skills, you can keep it more or less complex, totally up to you.

Start with a basic pointed cone shape, and then just keep going.

Halloween Costume

a ghost halloween costume, fun halloween drawing idea!

In the realm of Halloween there are a LOT of different Halloween costumes that you can draw.

Maybe a little boy wearing a blanket to pretend he’s a ghost?

Holding a bucket of candy and everything!

Or you can have a whole Halloween party setting with different Halloween costumes and other Halloween stuff.

You can even go to a store such as Amazon and check out what Halloween costumes are on display and draw them!


a simple coffin drawing can be very spooky

Try drawing a creepy coffin, this can be a chilling element that is sure to be frightfully fun to draw!

Use dark, jagged lines to create the shape of the coffin, it will make it extra eerie.

Add details like rusty hinges, spider webs, and a skull-shaped handle to make it even more spooky!

Want to go a step further?

Place the coffin in a haunted house surrounded by mist and shadows to create a truly haunting scene.

This is a perfect addition to your collection of spooky drawing ideas.

Witches’ Cauldron

drawing of a witche's cauldron for your scary halloween drawings!

Imagine stirring a bubbling and mysterious potion in the witches’ cauldron, surrounded by an eerie glow and the scent of magic in the air.

The cauldron, a symbol of witchcraft, is a large, black pot used for brewing potions and casting spells.

Its dark and ominous presence adds a VERY spooky element to Halloween drawings.

Cats are usually present near a witches’ Cauldron since black cats have long been associated with Halloween and sorcery!

Have fun with all sorts of shapes for the cauldron and liquid inside. 

If you’re giving this Halloween drawing idea to your kids, let their imaginations run wild, and it will be sure to ignite their creative spirits.


a pair of candles drawn in a cartoon style, great for halloween!

Candles can be a great addition to your spooky artwork, providing a touch of mystery and darkness.

Or they can be drawn on their own!

Draw them with a tapering shape, wax dripping down the sides, and a candle holder for added realism.

If you’re drawing traditionally, use a white gel pen to add highlights and make the flames glow. 


drawing of a tombstone with a zombie hand reaching out

The tombstones in a Halloween scene can add a very chilling and eerie atmosphere.

Drawing tombstones can be fun and quite spooky. Add a zombie hand reaching out from the ground to make it more interesting!

You can create different shapes and sizes for the tombstones, adding details like cracks or moss. 


scarecrow drawing idea for halloween

Create a spooky scarecrow with tattered clothes and a menacing expression to make it extra creepy!

Use dark colors like black and gray to give it an eerie vibe and draw straw sticking out of its sleeves and pants.

Don’t forget to add a hat and that creepy smile!

This scarecrow will definitely give your Halloween drawings a chilling effect.

Even just doing a silhouette drawing of a scarecrow can be creepy enough!

Ancient Scrolls

drawing of some ancient scrolls

Draw some ancient tattered scrolls for Halloween for a more magical ambience!

These eerie objects can add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your drawings.

Imagine unrolling a weathered scroll to reveal creepy incantations or haunted secrets.

The faded parchment and intricate script can give your drawings a spooky and otherworldly vibe.

Witch’s Broomstick

witch's broomstick drawing for your spooky witch drawing

A Witch needs a Witch’s Broomstick!

It’s a classic symbol of witches and adds a spooky element to your drawings.

Here’s a quick drawing tutorial to draw a witch’s broomstick:

  1. Start by drawing a long, thin stick with bristles at the end.
  2. Add some jagged lines to make it look old and worn.
  3. Don’t forget to include a twisted handle for an extra eerie touch.

Use dark colors like black or deep purple to bring out the witchy vibe.

Happy Halloween drawing!

Voodoo Doll

spooky voodoo doll drawing idea

Want a more imaginative drawing with extra creepyness?

Draw a voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it for a spine-chilling Halloween illustration!

Sketch a doll with button eyes, stitched mouth, and tattered clothing, this will make it very dark.

You can also use shading to add depth and texture, making it look like a worn-out mummy drawing.

Cursed Mirror

a cracked cursed mirror drawing

How about the drawing of a cursed mirror, while you’re staring at yourself through the surface?

Capture the eerie atmosphere as your reflection twists and distorts, revealing a dark and malevolent presence.

Add intricate details to the mirror’s ornate frame to show more of its cursed nature. 

Use shading and shadowing techniques to create an unsettling effect.

Tattered Spellbook

a tattered book drawing

Similar to the tattered ancient scrolls, this tattered spellbook with give some extra magic to your drawings!

Draw a tattered spellbook with its ancient pages and ominous aura.

Its worn leather cover, adorned with faded symbols, hints at the powerful secrets concealed within!

The yellowed pages are filled with mysterious incantations and arcane illustrations, beckoning you to explore the dark arts.

Really explore the art of creating this spellbook and have fun!

Eerie Music Box

a creepy music box, a very eery drawing idea for halloween for kids and adults!

You can create a very haunting atmosphere by drawing an eerie music box!

The music box, with its delicate details and worn appearance, adds a touch of mystery to your artwork.

Draw the box with faded colors and intricate carvings, and imagine the haunting melody that it plays.

It should give an unsettling and enchanting vibe for Halloween!

Spooky Creatures And Animals

Get ready to bring some spooky creatures and animals to life in your Halloween drawings!

From the ethereal ghost floating through the night to the mischievous black cat with its arched back, these creatures will add an eerie touch to your artwork.

Don’t forget the zombie with its decaying flesh and the witch with her flowing robes and broomstick.

And for an extra scare, try drawing a dog or skeleton!

Here are some Halloween animals and creatures to draw!

Spooky Ghost

drawing of two spooky ghosts for halloween

Draw a ghost with a translucent body and haunting expression to create a spooky atmosphere! 

Make the ghost’s body slightly transparent, as if floating in the air.

You can even add wispy lines to represent its flowing form.

Give the ghost a creepy smile or hollow eyes to make it even creepier. 


a drawing of a black cat can always be a pretty scary drawing idea

When drawing a spooky cat for Halloween, consider incorporating elements of magic and mystery into its design.

Create an eerie atmosphere by drawing the cat with glowing, hypnotic eyes that seem to hold secrets.

Add a touch of mystery by drawing the cat in a shadowy silhouette, with wisps of smoke curling around it.

Don’t forget to add sharp claws and fangs for an extra spooky touch! 


drawing of a cartoon zombie yelling for brains!

To create a spooky zombie drawing for Halloween, combine gruesome features like rotting flesh and exposed bones to give it an extra eerie touch.

Draw the zombie with decaying flesh, oozing wounds, and hollow eye sockets.

 Add jagged, broken teeth and tattered clothing to enhance the creepy effect.

Or you can just keep your zombie drawing very cute and cuddly! 

Up to you.

This is classic Halloween symbol to bring to life! (pun intended)


a very simple drawing of a witch for halloween!

There has to be a Witch drawing for Halloween!

Add spooky details like a pointed hat, flowing robes, and a broomstick.

Draw the witch in different poses and expressions, capturing her mystical nature!

Use dark and eerie colors to enhance the spooky atmosphere.

Scary Dog

an angry scary dog drawing! But also kinda cute

If you want to add a terrifying element to your Halloween drawings, try incorporating a scary dog into your spooky composition.

Draw a dog with glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, and a menacing stance.

Its fur can be dark and matted, giving it an eerie appearance.

You can even draw the dog surrounded by a dark, misty atmosphere, with bats flying overhead and a full moon in the background.


every halloween drawing needs bats!

Draw a bat with its wings spread wide, ready to take flight, and add a spooky touch to your Halloween drawings.

These can be as cute and cuddly as you want!

Or they can be terrifying with huge wings and big fangs.

Don’t forget to draw the bat’s eyes, which are small and shiny.


drawing of a cartoon skeleton, great drawing idea for halloween

Skeletons are a classic symbol of the spooky season and can add an eerie touch to your artwork.

Whether you draw a simple skeleton or a more detailed one, it’s a great way to practice drawing bones and joints.

You can even combine the skeleton with other Halloween elements, like a mummy, to create a truly haunting scene.

Spooky Silhouettes

spooky silhouettes drawing

Create a spooky atmosphere in your Halloween drawings by incorporating spooky silhouettes of creatures and animals into your artwork.

Add a touch of mystery and intrigue with silhouettes of bats, cats, and other eerie creatures.

Their dark outlines against a haunting moonlit background will give your drawings extra spookiness.

And they can be quite simple to draw!

So use your imagination and have fun.


a big eyed owl drawing idea for halloween

You can add a spooky touch to your Halloween drawings by incorporating an owl, a mysterious creature associated with the night, into your artwork.

The owl’s wide, piercing eyes and silent flight make it the perfect symbol of Halloween.

Draw the owl perched on a tree branch, its feathers ruffled and its beak open in a haunting screech.

Surround it with bats and a full moon to create a truly eerie scene.


cartoon drawing of a mummy being wrapped around in bandages

Try drawing a mummy wrapped in bandages emerging from its ancient tomb!

You can even combine it with the Coffin idea from before.

The mummy’s bandages should be tattered and torn, giving it a creepy appearance.

You can also add glowing red eyes to enhance the eerie atmosphere.

Make sure to draw the mummy’s contorted body and outstretched arms, reaching for its next victim.


a cartoon wolf drawing

Draw a wolf lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.

Show the wolf’s sharp fangs, intense eyes, and sleek fur as it blends into spooky landscapes.

Use dark, contrasting colors to create a sense of mystery and danger.


vampire drawing, perfect for halloween!

A vampire is a spooky creature that can add an element of terror to your Halloween drawing ideas.

With its pale skin, sharp fangs, and piercing red eyes, the vampire is the perfect subject for a chilling masterpiece.

You can draw it lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on its unsuspecting victim.

Or you can capture its hypnotic gaze as it seduces its prey.


cute drawing of a spooky spider

Create a spooky Halloween drawing by adding a spider crawling down its intricate web.

Especially if you have already drawn the spiderweb from before, this is a great chance to add a spider to it!

A spider can be drawn as simply as a dark blob with a few legs extending outwards.

So keep it simple and have fun!


drawing of a werewolf with clothes

A werewolf is a classic Halloween drawing idea that is present in so many movies and cartoons!

You can keep it more humanlike or similar to a wolf, totally up to you.

Just don’t forget to add some fur and sharp teeth!

Maybe even some glowing eyes for an extra spooky vibe.


scary shadows drawing

Add an element of mystery and suspense by drawing lurking shadows nearby!

Imagine ghosts lurking in the shadows, their ethereal forms barely visible.

Use shading techniques to create depth and darkness, enhancing the spooky vibe.

Whether it’s a vampire, a witch, or a black cat, their shadows will heighten the haunting effect of your Halloween drawings.

Monsters From Blobs

monster created based on a blob of ink!

Can you draw spooky creatures and animals by starting with blobs? Absolutely!

It’s a creative drawing technique that lets your imagination run wild.

Begin by creating a blob shape on your paper, then use your artistic skills to transform it into a spooky monster or animal.

Add sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and eerie details to bring your creation to life.

This is a very fun exercise for young artists to kickstart their imagination.

Scary Eyes

scary eyes drawing idea for halloween

We’ve drawn a bunch of scary eyes in creatures already, but what about just drawing the eyes themselves?!

You can draw them glowing or in very weird shapes.

Or you can just add them to other creatures and animals.

Create the intense gaze of a vampire with blood-red eyes or the eerie glow of a ghost with pale, glowing orbs.

Bring a zombie to life with hollow, lifeless eyes, or give a witch’s cat a mischievous look with glowing green eyes.

Get creative with colors and shapes to make your scary eyes stand out and add extra spookiness to your Halloween artwork.

Grim Reaper

drawing of a grim reaper for halloween

Draw the chilling presence of the Grim Reaper, shrouded in darkness and wielding a scythe!

This iconic symbol of death and the afterlife is a popular choice for Halloween drawings.

With its skeletal figure and flowing cloak, the Grim Reaper gives an eerie aura.

You can bring this spooky creature to life on your paper by sketching its hollow eyes and bony hands.


snake drawing

How about adding a slithering snake to your spooky creatures and animals collection?

Add a touch of danger and mystery with a venomous serpent coiled in the shadows.

Draw its sleek body, scales glistening under the moonlight, and its forked tongue flicking out with a hiss.

Use dark, eerie colors to make it even spookier!

Or just draw it super cute. That works too!

Creepy Carnival Clown

creepy carnival clown for halloween

Don’t miss out on the hair-raising antics of the Creepy Carnival Clown as it haunts your Halloween drawings with its twisted grin and unpredictable tricks.

This spooky creature will send shivers down your spine as you bring it to life on paper.

Clowns themselves can be already quite creepy on their own to some people!

But we can always make them extra creepy with some glowing eyes or extra large smile.

Add this one to your collection of Halloween drawings to scare your friends!


a wailing banshee drawing

Summon the Banshee and prepare to be terrified as she wails and haunts your Halloween drawings.

With her pale, ghostly appearance and long, flowing hair, the Banshee is a spine-chilling creature that invokes fear.

Her mournful cries are very creepy, so be sure to draw the banshee wailing!


a smiling cartoon of a gorgon

When drawing a Gorgon for your Halloween artwork, remember to capture the terrifying gaze of her petrifying eyes.

The Gorgon is a spooky creature with snake-like hair and a face that turns people into stone.

Start by sketching the outline of her face and hair, just as you drew a person’s head, but then add the serpents’ details.

Use dark colors to create a sinister atmosphere.

Don’t forget to give her a menacing expression that will send shivers down your spine.


drawing of the mysterious Mothman!

If you’re looking to add a truly eerie touch to your Halloween drawings, try capturing the mysterious presence of the Mothman.

This spooky creature is said to have glowing red eyes, large wings, and a human-like body.

Draw the Mothman perched on a tree branch, its wings spread wide and its eyes piercing through the darkness.

Halloween Cartoon Characters

Ready to add some fun cartoon characters to your Halloween drawings?

Let’s check out some famous ones!

From the enchanting Corpse Bride to the lovable Scooby-Doo, these characters bring a playful and spooky element to your artwork.

Don’t forget about Oogie Boogie, the mischievous Casper the Friendly Ghost, and the iconic Jack Skellington: The Pumpkin King.

Let’s go on with the list.

The Corpse Bride

portrait drawing of the corpse bride

The Corpse Bride is an incredibly haunting and visually stunning Halloween cartoon character.

With her pale blue skin, tattered wedding gown, and skeletal features, she embodies the eerie spirit of Halloween.

Drawing the Corpse Bride can be a fun and challenging Halloween art project.

You can capture her ghostly essence by using light shading and intricate details.


scooby doo drawing

Drawing Scooby-Doo can be very fun, especially if you’re already used to drawing dogs!

Join Scooby-Doo and his gang as they solve mysteries and encounter ghosts, witches, and other spooky creatures.

You can even draw Scooby with those other creatures mentioned in this article!

Oogie Boogie

oogie boogie in a cartoon drawing style

Can you guess which Halloween cartoon character has a name that starts with the letter ‘O’ and is known for being creepy and villainous?

It’s Oogie Boogie!

This spooktacular character from the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a burlap sack filled with bugs and is always up to no good.

With his glowing red eyes and sinister grin, Oogie Boogie makes the perfect addition to your Halloween artwork.

Casper The Friendly Ghost

casper the friendly ghost, one of the most famous halloween characters to draw!

When creating Halloween artwork, consider adding Casper the Friendly Ghost to your collection, as he brings a playful and lighthearted spirit to the holiday.

Casper is a beloved Halloween cartoon character known for his friendly nature and mischievous adventures.

Drawing Casper allows you to explore his iconic round shape and wide smile.

Whether floating through the night sky or engaging in fun Halloween activities, Casper will surely bring a smile to your face.

Jack Skellington: The Pumpkin King

jack skellington drawing, fits both christmas and halloween drawing ideas!

Get ready to draw Jack Skellington, the iconic Pumpkin King from the Halloween cartoon ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’

Jack Skellington is a tall, slender skeleton with a round head resembling a jack-o-lantern.

His eyes are large and expressive, and he wears a suit with pinstripes.

With his mischievous smile and long, bony fingers, Jack Skellington is very fun to draw!

This is also a great Christmas Drawing Idea!

Count Dracula

count dracula drawing! the classic vampire for halloween

You should include Count Dracula, one of the most iconic Halloween cartoon characters, in your spooky drawings.

Count Dracula embodies the classic Halloween aesthetic with his slicked-back hair, pale skin, and sharp fangs.

And don’t forget about the cape!

He’s a beloved Halloween character known for his mysterious allure and vampire powers.

Swamp Monster

cartoon drawing of the swamp monster

If you’re feeling adventurous, try drawing a swamp monster for your Halloween cartoon characters.

This eerie creature lurks in the swamp’s murky waters, covered in slimy green scales and tangled weeds.

Its glowing yellow eyes pierce through the darkness, giving it a menacing presence.

With its long, webbed fingers and grotesque features, this swamp monster will surely give your Halloween drawings a spooky twist.

Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

drawing of sally from nightmare before christmas

Sally, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a beloved Halloween cartoon character known for her ragdoll appearance and kind-hearted nature.

Drawing Sally can be a great Halloween idea!

Focus on drawing her stitched-up limbs and her patchwork dress.

Use colors like place blue and red for her hair, and don’t forget to draw her sewing needle!

Kiki The Witch (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

drawing of kiki from kiki's delivery service

Draw Kiki the Witch from Kiki’s Delivery Service for a charming Halloween cartoon character idea.

Kiki is a young witch with a black dress, a red bow, and a broomstick.

She has a friendly smile and a cute black cat named Jiji. (you can draw him too!)

Kiki is known for her magical delivery service and her adventurous spirit. 

The Joker

drawing of the joker, a very eerie character to draw for halloween!

Create a spooky Halloween drawing of The Joker!

With his sinister smile and crazy hair, The Joker is the perfect character to bring a chilling vibe to your Halloween artwork.

Use dark colors and bold lines to capture his menacing presence.

Add details like his signature purple suit and red lips to make him truly recognizable.

Have fun while you bring this iconic villain to life on the page.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

drawing of courage the cowardly dog

You can easily bring a spooky vibe to your Halloween drawings by including Courage The Cowardly Dog, a beloved Halloween cartoon character.

Courage adds a unique and playful element to your artwork with his timid yet courageous nature.

Draw Courage with his wide, scared eyes, trembling body, and distinctive pink collar.

Place him in a creepy setting, such as a haunted house or a dark forest, to enhance the Halloween atmosphere.

Famous Halloween Characters

How about drawing some famous Halloween characters?

Get ready to meet some iconic figures that have been haunting our imaginations for years.

From Frankenstein’s Monster to the Headless Horseman, these characters have become symbols of the spooky season.

Whether you’re a fan of classic literature or beloved movies, a famous Halloween character is waiting to inspire your next drawing.

Frankenstein’s Monster

drawing of frankenstein's monster for halloween

Frankenstein’s Monster, famously known as the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein, is undoubtedly a hauntingly iconic Halloween character.

With his green skin, bolted neck, and stitched features, he embodies the essence of Halloween.

Drawing Frankenstein’s Monster can be a fun and spooky Halloween activity.

You can capture the essence of his eerie expression and unique anatomy, making him a perfect addition to your Halloween drawings.

Headless Horseman

drawing of the headless horseman!

The Headless Horseman is a legendary and spine-chilling figure often associated with Halloween.

Known for his headless, haunting rides through the night, he’s a popular choice for Halloween drawings.

Capture his eerie presence by drawing a shadowy figure on a ghostly steed!

Use bold lines for his flowing cape and mane, and add an ominous pumpkin head for an extra touch of terror.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

dr jekyll and mr hyde illustration for halloween idea

Time to draw two characters… in one!

Introducing Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll, a respected scientist, transforms into the evil and monstrous Mr. Hyde, creating a thrilling and suspenseful tale.

Capture the duality of these characters in your drawings, using contrasting colors and expressive lines.

This can be a good drawing challenge requiring a bit more time!

Morticia Addams

cartoon drawing of morticia addams from the addams family

You can’t miss out on Morticia Addams, one of the most famous Halloween characters, known for her elegant and spooky style.

She’s a captivating figure with her long, flowing black hair, pale complexion, and hauntingly beautiful features.

Morticia’s signature look includes a form-fitting black dress, complete with long sleeves and a high slit. 

Wicked Witch Of The West

drawing of the wicked witch of the west for halloween

Drawing a Witch is a great Halloween drawing idea for kids and adults alike!

But how about going one step further and drawing the Wicked Witch Of The West?

With her flowing robes and broomstick, she embodies Halloween’s mystical and magical nature.

You can draw her in different poses and expressions, adding other Halloween elements for more complexity! 

Such as a flying monkey or two.

Hocus Pocus Witches

halloween drawing idea: the hocus pocus witches!

Sometimes, when you think of Halloween witches, the Hocus Pocus witches may come to mind!

These iconic characters from the movie “Hocus Pocus” are perfect for Halloween drawing ideas.

You can sketch the Sanderson sisters, with their flowing robes and pointy hats, in different poses and expressions.

Add mystical elements like broomsticks and potion bottles, or draw them in a set from the movie!

Wednesday Addams

drawing of a bored wednesday addams

Wednesday Addams is a beloved character from the Addams Family, known for her dark and macabre personality.

She even has her own TV Series now!

With her pale skin, long braided hair, and iconic black dress, Wednesday Addams is a perfect subject for Halloween-inspired drawings.

You can draw her more in TV shows, movies, or cartoon style!

Many drawing styles to choose from.


drawing of a dementor from the Harry Potter series!

Draw a Dementor, a terrifying creature from the Harry Potter series, to add a chilling touch to your Halloween drawings.

The Dementor is a spooky, dark, and mysterious being that feeds on human happiness, leaving only despair in its wake.

With its tattered cloak, skeletal hands, and soulless eyes, the Dementor can be very scary!

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

jason vorhees drawing from friday the 13th

You can’t have Halloween without mentioning Jason Voorhees, the iconic slasher from the Friday the 13th franchise.

His menacing hockey mask and machete are instantly recognizable and strike fear into the hearts of horror enthusiasts.

Don’t forget to draw the mask and the tattered clothing!


drawing of Ghostface

Want to bring some more famous characters to life? Draw Ghostface!

This iconic character from the movie ‘Scream’ will surely give your drawing a chilling touch.

With its signature white mask, black robe, and menacing presence, Ghostface is a perfect choice for capturing the spirit of Halloween.

Freddy Krueger

spooky drawing idea of a famous character: Freddy Krueger

Surely, you’ll be thrilled to draw Freddy Krueger, one of the most famous Halloween characters.

With his burned face, tattered clothes, and razor-sharp gloves, Freddy Krueger is the stuff of nightmares.

He haunts the dreams of unsuspecting victims, turning their peaceful slumber into a terrifying ordeal.

Creepy Landscapes

Let’s now go over a few creepy landscapes and environments you can draw for Halloween!

From haunted houses and dense forests, I’m sure at least one of these will inspire you to draw something very spooky.

Haunted House

haunted house drawing scenery for halloween

Drawing a haunted house allows you to unleash your creativity in designing spooky architecture.

You can create a chilling landscape with nearby twisted trees, cracked windows, and a creaky front door.

Add eerie details to your Haunted House, like cobwebs, bats, and a full moon to enhance the spooky atmosphere! 

It will enhance your haunted house drawing and make it even scarier.

Dark Moonlit Sky

drawing of a spooky dark moonlit sky

How about drawing a dark moonlit sky, where shadows dance, and eerie creatures lurk in the night?

Sketch a twisted tree silhouette reaching the moon, its branches gnarled and bare.

Add a haunted house with glowing windows and a creaking front gate.

Or just focus on the moonlit sky, with a witch flying by in her broom!

Dark Forest

dark forest drawing for halloween ideas

Draw a dark forest with twisted trees, mysterious shadows, and haunting creatures!

Get some creative ideas out and randomly draw spooky shapes everywhere.

The spooky, dark forest beckons you with its eerie silence and foreboding atmosphere.

Haunted Shipwreck

drawing of a haunted shipwreck filled with ghosts

How about drawing a Haunted Shipwreck?

As you explore the eerie depths of the haunted shipwreck, you can’t help but feel a sense of unease.

Draw creaking old wooden planks and dimly lit lanterns for an extra spooky ambiance.

The shipwreck should be shrouded in mystery, with ghostly shadows dancing along the walls!

Haunted Library

haunted library drawing, with floating ghosts in the bookshelves

Fill a haunted library with ghostly books floating around and mysterious shadows nearby.

Add several bookshelves, some fallen over and others through the corners of the room!

Be sure to keep the lighting of this creepy environment very dim, giving an eerie ambiance, with possible spectral figures all around.

Eerie Swamp

eerie swamp drawing idea for halloween

Draw a haunting eerie swamp filled with misty waters and tangled vegetation!

You can also add some frogs or other shadows of creatures in the undergrowth of the swamp.

Add the reflection of the pale light of the moon for an otherworldly glow!

This is a perfect setting for a very spooky Halloween drawing.

Abandoned Mine Shaft

an abandoned mine shaft drawing

Draw an Abandoned Mine Shaft, with cobweb-filled mine carts!

Be sure to draw weathered rock walls and perhaps even draw a rusty gate.

Even though it’s abandoned, you can make it dimly lit, as if someone had been exploring it not too long ago.

Give it an unsettling sense of mystery!

Haunted Cornfield With A Scarecrow

haunted cornfield with a scarecrow drawing

You can create a chilling scene by drawing a haunted cornfield with a scarecrow, bringing a very creepy atmosphere to your drawing!

Picture a desolate cornfield, the stalks towering over you, casting long shadows in the pale moonlight.

In the center stands a weathered scarecrow, its tattered clothes fluttering in the wind.

Its lifeless eyes seem to follow you, sending shivers down your spine.

This haunted cornfield with a scarecrow is the perfect addition to your Halloween drawings.

And that’s it for Halloween drawing ideas!

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Happy drawing!


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