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Why You Can Trust Don Corgi

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At Don Corgi, our commitment to providing valuable content, unbiased reviews, and transparent ethical standards is at the forefront of our mission.

Since our establishment, we have adhered to a set of principles that guide our editorial independence, ensuring that our audience can trust the information we present.

Ethics And Independence

Maintaining the trust of our audience is paramount. In a digital landscape filled with information from various sources, we recognize the importance of clear ethical guidelines. Our editorial team (Patricia Caldeira and Miguel Silva), free from external influence, operates independently to bring you authentic and unbiased content.

We are dedicated to delivering critical analysis, in-depth reviews, and easy-to-follow tutorials.

Professional Conduct

We uphold professional conduct when dealing with partnerships, explaining everything clearly and stating the pros and cons as they appear.

Advertising and Affiliate Commissions

We are transparent about our revenue sources, which include responsible advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate links.

Affiliate links, such as those from Amazon, CJ, shareasale, and others, are used responsibly and do not compromise our editorial independence.

Affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial teams; we disclose such links to maintain transparency.

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Distributed Platforms

Our editorial standards apply consistently across all platforms, including our website, social media, and other distributed channels. Sponsored editorial content is clearly labeled to distinguish it from independent editorial content.


Our reviews are independent assessments, free from paid influence. We may receive products for review purposes, but this does not compromise the integrity of our evaluations.

Our goal is to guide our audience with honest recommendations based on expert analysis.

Giveaways and Partnerships

Contests and giveaways are conducted with clear rules, and partnerships are disclosed transparently. Neither giveaways nor partnerships should be considered endorsements.


Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have concerns about our ethical standards or have any questions, we encourage you to reach out through our contact page.

We are committed to continuous improvement and maintaining the highest ethical standards in our content.

At Don Corgi, our dedication to transparency, independence, and ethical reporting and reviewing is unwavering, and we appreciate your trust in our commitment to these principles.

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