About Don Corgi

A couple of Graphic Designers that decided to start their own company back in 2013, find more about us below!

Between then and now we’ve been able to work for so many different (and interesting!) people, ranging from Programmers looking for Artists to work on their game and Small Teams looking for UI Artists and Animators to Twitch Streamers and Youtubers that wanted to Re-brand or start their own new Brand from scratch!

We’ve evolved a lot since then and are now able to Freelance Full Time doing the things that we love to do the most, always keeping a professional level of quality to our products and branding services backed by our years of experience.

Got a question, do you have a Project for us or want some more Info? Shoot us an e-mail! (hello(at)doncorgi.com)

If you want to check and buy some of our Designs, see our Shops section on the site!

And if you’re looking to learn how to Draw, specially if you’re a Beginner, check out our Online Video Courses!

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