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Random Creature Prompt Generator! Unique Creature Designs

Running out of creature ideas or want to generate some random creature art prompts?

This is the creature prompt generator for you!

Click any of the buttons below to generate each part of your creature, or click the “Generate All” to generate them all at once.

(click the button to get your creature written here!)

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What Is A Drawing Prompt?

A drawing prompt, also known as an art prompt, is a brief, sentence, or suggestion that serves as inspiration for creating a piece of art, specifically a creature design in this case.

Artists tend to use these drawing prompts to overcome creative blocks, explore new ideas, or participate in challenges where multiple creators interpret the same prompt in unique ways.

Drawing prompts are very handy in general!

How To Use This Creature Art Prompt Generator

To use this creature art prompt generator, simply click or tap each category to generate a random prompt for each. This is a perfect way to brainstorm some new creature designs.

You’ll get hundreds of thousands of combinations to use on your creature designs! From different Species, Colors, Personalities, Sizes, and even Habitats, you’ll never run out of inspiration for new creatures.

You can also tap the “Generate All” button to generate them all at the same time!

🏆 Bonus: If you click or tap the “Generate All” button you’ll get a neat sentence about your new unique creature design. Give it a try!

If you find any problems or suggestions to improve this tool, message me at hello(at)doncorgi.com

How Do You Create Creature Designs?

To design a creature, you start with a concept or drawing prompt, research different ways to draw them, and go through several steps until you have a finished creature.

With so many possibilities to create new Creatures in different settings (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Medieval, etc), the first step of creating a concept for them can be daunting!

That’s why I’ve created this Random Creature Prompt Generator.

You can use this as much as you need (no attribution required!) and use the creature prompts as a base to create your own unique creatures.

Click here to check out ALL my easy-to-follow drawing courses.

Have fun with this creature design prompt generator and, as always:

Keep on drawing!

– Patricia

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