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The 3 Best Drawing Idea Generators And Apps!

With the technological advances of today, there are endless possibilities of drawing ideas on the web! 

You can find a lot of drawing idea generators and apps around, so you can never run out of ideas.

But which drawing idea generators are worth your time? And which ones are the best for you?

Well, take a look below!

Random Things To Do

image of the random drawing idea generator website "Random Things To Do"
Very Simple and Clean Drawing Ideas on randomthingstodo.com/draw

The beauty of this drawing idea generator website is its simplicity and funny prompts.

Even though I usually like to work with single-word prompts, it can be really fun and sometimes even easier to have something more descriptive.

And that’s exactly what this website does! Each prompt is a sentence, describing something…usually very random, and that’s where the fun begins.

Things you never thought would go together, now do.

You can get something quite simple like ‘Yourself as an alien’ or something completely random like ‘Monster energy drink as a real monster’.

You got cute drawing prompts, easy prompts, and extremely funny prompts.

And what I like about those is that it can be something that’s really in your comfort zone, so you take this time to draw something you’re used to. Or, it can be something to challenge yourself and your skills!

featured image of a random character art prompt generator by doncorgi

Drawing prompts are great not only to relax and have some fun but also good to improve yourself and your art.

A lot of times you’ll have to draw something new and it’s a great opportunity for you to learn it, without having great expectations out of it!

I really don’t know what kind of energy drink monster I could come up with, since I never draw monsters, but I’d sure like to find out!

UPDATE: We now have our own Character Art Prompt Generator here on the website! And it’s totally free to use, so give it a go by clicking here.

The website is very simple to use.

When you open it, you’ll get a description for a prompt right away. You can either choose to draw it or, if you’re not a fan of it, you have a ‘Next’ button and now a new prompt will load.

Personally, I don’t like to skip prompts, because I like to see what I can come up with.

Even if it’s something completely out of my comfort zone.

Give Drawing Prompts and Ideas to your children so they can better develop their artistic skills.

I don’t worry about the quality of most of these drawings.

I focus mainly on the idea itself and what I can do with it. If I’m happy enough with the drawing, then maybe I might redo it into something better!

But hey, that’s just the way I like to go about it.

Sometimes, our creativity is just nowhere to be found, and we just want to draw something simple and direct, which is perfectly fine.

You can only access this website through your browser, but it’s such a simple design, that you can load it from anywhere, given you have some internet connection!

Features:2/5 ⭐

Ease of Use:5/5 ⭐

Platform: Browser

Price: Free

Who’s it for: this website and generator is perfect for people who are looking for drawing ideas but are not looking for something specific. Anything goes!

Taking into account the kind of prompts, I’d say these are good for teenagers and young adults. But they work for any age, as long as you’re into having some fun.

Even though this is usually a solo activity, I think this website could be used as a party game.

If you get together with a group of friends and artists, for a drawing session, this could have hilarious results!


image of the WannaDraw drawing idea app
A handy app with over 15.000 different combinations! WannaDraw

WannaDraw was created by artist and tiktoker @auditydraws.

If you’ve ever seen any of their videos, you know how funny they can be, and even watch this app being used!

You have two modes here: Ultimate Idea Generator and Fusion Idea Generator.

Both of these are mainly focused on characters. In the first one, you always have a combination of two prompts: who and what?

The ‘who’ is a lot of times a character from popular media. It can be from games, movies, or series. But you might also get a mythological creature, an animal, a fantasy character, and so on.

As for the ‘what’ it can describe an action or a style. The prompt could be: draw Shrek as a llama for example!

The Fusion Idea Generator mode is even more chaotic.

Basically, you’ll get a character and you’ll have to fuse it with another one!

For example, you could get something like: Spiderman fused with… Lightning Mcqueen!

I have no idea how I’d pull this one of, but it would definitely be amusing to try!

There are over 15000 different combinations, so it will take some time until you get repeated prompts.

It’s a really fun app and a bit more specific than the one above. While in the other you can get very vague prompts about everything, here it’s more about drawing people or characters.

Personally, this is a pro for me. My area is all about creating and drawing characters consistently, so if the prompts go more towards that side, then that’s just perfect!

Again, these are all very fun prompts and done for you to get comical results. These are not to be taken too seriously and are just a way for you to relax, sit down and have some fun with random drawings.

cartoon drawing of patricia at don corgi practicing drawing

I decided to add this one to the list as well because it’s an app.

This can be a pro or a con.

On one hand, you can have it with you anywhere, any time. You just need an internet connection, open the app, and voila!

If you draw on your phone, it’s quite handy. The same goes for the iPad.

Even if you tend to draw traditionally or on the computer, you can set your phone to the side and look at the prompt at any time.

However, you might have an old phone or you just don’t have the space. Even if the app is small, it’s completely understandable.

Having a browser option would be amazing, just so it’s easy for anyone to get it, but still, I think it’s very practical to have it as an app that you can open anywhere!

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking Audrey’s TikTok page, since you’ll not only see this app in action, I guarantee you’ll have fun and it might even inspire you to draw more prompts!

Features: 3/5 ⭐

Ease of Use:5/5 ⭐

Platform: Android/iOS

Price: Free

Who’s it for: For anyone who wants to have some fun drawing. If you’re looking for some random easy drawing ideas to just sit down, relax, and don’t think too much, this app is perfect.

Since it’s an app, I also think it’s great for someone who draws on the go, specifically on their phone or iPad. Everything is right there: both the app and the drawing software, all you need now is to start.

Again, I feel this app works great as a party game. If you’re ever short on ideas for fun group activities, drawing games are always a go!

Drawing Prompt

image of the Drawing Prompt drawing idea generator website
Many choices available on Drawing Prompt!

This drawing idea generator is the most complex one but in a good sense!

Here you have more power of choice. You’ll get random prompts as well, however, you can choose in which category!

When you open this website, you’ll get greeted with a prompt, along with a description. 

If you click ‘Create New Prompt’, you’ll get something similar. However, below all that, you can find a bunch of buttons with different categories:

  • Fantastic Beast
  • Person (Fantasy)
  • Scene (Fantasy)
  • Anime Scene
  • Fierce Monster
  • Romantic Couple
  • Animal (Pet)
  • Animal (Farm)
  • Person (Modern)
  • Still Life
  • Scene (Drama)
  • Found Art
  • Instagram Poses
  • Person (History)
  • Scene (History)
  • Thing (Vehicle)
  • Animal (Wild)
  • Person (SuperHero)
  • Scene (Holiness)
  • Thing (Future)
  • Alien Worlds
  • Place (Modern City)
  • Place (Pastoral)
  • Kids City Scenes

Oof, that was a lot! These categories are both quite unique and interesting.

You can choose the category according to what you’re feeling like drawing: you want to draw people? Places? Animals?

Just choose one and start drawing.

These prompts are also very descriptive.

Almost like they’re telling us a little story.

cartoon drawing of patricia from don corgi 
reading a book

This will really help you visualize the whole scene, character, or creature you’re going to draw.

It’s especially helpful when you’re going through an art block. Sometimes even with a random word prompt, it’s hard to visualize something. It’s like we’re completely dry when it comes to creativity and imagination.

However, if you can read a good description of the thing you’re going to draw, you start playing the whole scene in your head.

You start to have a visual, and ideas start pouring in!

Even if the prompt is quite descriptive, it’s not telling you exactly what you should draw.

You’re free to make your own interpretation of it and there are many possibilities for each prompt.

It’s the beauty of drawing prompts!

We all have access to the same prompts, however, what we do with them is a personal choice.

That’s how we end up with so many different results and why I think it’s a really good group activity if you have artist friends!

Features:5/5 ⭐

Ease of Use:4/5 ⭐

Platform: Browser

Price: Free

Who’s it for: This website is good for someone who knows what they want to draw. You got several categories and you can pick the one you’re feeling at the moment.

It’s also good for people that prefer something more descriptive.

Some people might prefer single-word prompts. While others might prefer a short and clear description of the prompt so it’s easier to visualize what they’re going to draw and this website is perfect for that!

Make Your Own Drawing Idea Generator!

Above I mentioned some of my favorite random drawing ideas generators.

However, I also love to create my own prompts and even have a few prompt packs on my Gumroad page.

It’s really fun coming up with your own ideas and even sharing them with other people.

366 drawing prompts cover by don corgi

So if this is something that appeals to you, a great way to get drawing ideas is to actually make your own generator. And this isn’t as hard as it looks!

The best thing about it is since you’re the one creating it, you can only include things that you like. This way, you’re sure you’re getting prompts that you enjoy!

Here’s one way you can do it:

01. Make two lists

One list should be things that you enjoy drawing, for example, a list of animals like this:

  1. Dolphin
  2. Lion
  3. Cat
  4. Dog
  5. Penguin
  6. Butterfly

I recommend keeping the list with 6 ideas, so we can use dice for the randomness factor.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to a theme.

You can mix animals, characters, flowers, and many other subjects.

But do try to stick with things that you like to draw.

Or, if you want a bit of a challenge, add a word or two that are out of your comfort zone!

Then the second list, this one should be all about creative adjectives and phrases.

For example:

  1. A Happy And Proud…
  2. A Gloomy And Old…
  3. …With HUGE Cute Eyes
  4. A Pink and Bright…
  5. A Dangerous, Threatening…
  6. … With A Bazooka!

Be as creative as you want! If you want simpler ideas and prompts, try adding single words like Pink or Pretty instead of long phrases like above.

You’re in control here, so your lists should be as simple or as complex as you want.

For example, a lot of times I prefer to just have one-word prompts. Others I like to add an adjective to them. I also like for my prompts to be very direct. 

But we’re all different and like different things. So don’t think about anyone else but yourself when you’re making these lists!

02. Time To Roll The Dice!

Now it’s time to randomize it! Grab a 6 sided die (or with more sides if you have long lists) or use a website like freeonlinedice.com to roll it!

Then assign each result to a list.

For example, if I got the numbers 6 and 3, I would get:

(6)Butterfly (3)with HUGE Cute Eyes.

a colored butterfly drawing with huge eyes, made with a custom drawing idea generator
A Butterfly with HUGE Eyes, created based on my own drawing idea generator!

Here are some other examples of possible results:

  • Penguin With A Bazooka!
  • A Pink and Bright Lion.
  • A Dangerous, Threatening Penguin.

As you can see with very random words and subjects, we managed to create quite some interesting prompts!

With that said, this can be a bit limiting and you might need to refresh your lists now and then.

But it’s a good option if you don’t want to use a website/app or just want to have more control with your prompts.

Some days you don’t want to think too much about it, others you want to be more creative, not only with the drawings but with the prompts themselves.

In my opinion, there are never enough drawing ideas or prompts! This is why we’ve created our own Character Art Prompt Generator here!

It’s super simple to use and I find it pretty fun. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

But if you still want more, be sure to check my blog post on over 60 drawing ideas!

And if you want some help with what to pursue creatively, here are 5 art goals you can start today.

pinterest cover for the 3 best drawing idea generators and apps


Patricia Caldeira is the main writer here at Don Corgi. She's an art teacher with over 20.000 happy students across many platforms and courses!

Enjoy your stay and as always:
Keep on drawing!

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