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50 Best Gifts For Artists Who Draw (For Every Budget!)

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Looking for the perfect gift for an artist who loves to draw? Look no further!

We’ve curated a list of 50+ unique and thoughtful gifts that will inspire their creativity and enhance their artistic process.

Whether they’re a professional artist or enjoy drawing as a hobby, these gifts will surely bring a smile to their face.

You’ll find at least one option you love here.

From high-quality art supplies to tech gadgets and self-care items.

Best Art Supplies Gift

Unpacking The Ohuhu Gift Box
Ohuhu Markers Gift Box

Great for traditional artists who enjoy drawing with markers.

  • 72 Alcohol Markers
  • Lots of Goodies

Best Self-Care Gift

Body Back Massager

Best gift for a tired artist in need of relaxation.

Best Book Gift

Steal Like An Artist Book

Inspiring (and helpful) book for every artist.

Best Tech Gift

MYNT3D 3D Printing Pen

Perfect Gift for artists wanting to try something different.

So, let’s get started with the list!

(NOTE: I’m starting with some cheaper gifts and going up in price for the most part, but check the section you’re most interested in below!)

Art Supplies

When it comes to art supplies, there are a few essential items that every artist who draws should have.

Pencils, Erasers, Acrylic Paints, and other gifts for painters or general artists.

So let’s go over some of my top recommendations for you to gift your budding artist.

Electric Eraser by AFMAT

If you’re an artist who draws traditionally (or are looking for gifts for one), an electric eraser can be a helpful tool for precise and efficient erasing.

Its motorized function allows you to erase with precision and control, making it ideal for detailed work.

The electric eraser eliminates the need for excessive rubbing or smudging from other erasers, ensuring clean and accurate erasure.

These are also easily refillable (and rechargeable), so they make a wonderful gift for artists who draw with pencils.

Quality Pencil Set by STAEDTLER

A pencil set of high quality ensures that you have access to a range of graphite hardness levels, allowing you to achieve different tones and textures in your artwork.

And the Staedtler set does just that!

With 12 pencils with different degrees, these pencils provide excellent control and allow for intricate details.

Watercolor Set by MEEDEN

If you’re looking for a vibrant and versatile gift, check out this watercolor set by MEEDEN!

With 42 different colors AND a set of 4 brushes, this is all you (or your artist friend) need to get right into painting with watercolor.

The pigmentation and blend-ability of these watercolors allow for endless possibilities! 

You can create stunning washes, intricate details, and captivating textures.

Treat yourself or surprise your artist friend with a watercolor set to inspire their creativity.

Drawing Paper By Canson

Are you wondering which drawing pad or paper would be the perfect gift for the artist in your life?

When it comes to sketching and drawing, the right pad or paper can make all the difference. And this Canson Drawing Pad is one of the best I’ve used in years.

Alternatively, get them the Canson XL Series Watercolor Textured Pad if they tend to work with paint and watercolor.

Either of these is a great choice (and paper is something that traditional artists ALWAYS need) so don’t hesitate to get a nice paper pad for your artist friend.

Good Pair Of Scissors by Fiskars

A good pair of scissors is essential when you frequently work with paper and need to cut precise shapes.

I recommend this pair by Fiskars since they have a very comfortable Softgrip!

These can cut paper, cardboard, and more (and you can even pick a smaller size and choose between gray and orange).

So be sure to get a pair for yourself as well!

Shape Stamps by QIQQIKIN

To add a fun and creative element to your drawings, shape stamps are a great art supply to consider!

These are a pretty casual gift for artists that just like to… have fun!

This is also a great drawing gift for kids.

I really like the ones by QIQQIKIN since they have interesting shapes such as a leaf, heart, paw, and more, that you can incorporate in your artwork!

This is also one of those unique gift ideas you won’t see many people thinking of choosing.

But they’re fun!

So, I recommend this gift for younger artists or adults who just like to have fun with their art supplies.

Portable Light Box by LitEnergy

Want to give a convenient gift for your artist friend? Get them a good quality light box!

This portable light box by LitEnergy comes in different sizes, and it’s pretty portable (especially if you choose the A4 Size).

It allows any artist to quickly trace over their artwork for stenciling, 2D animation, scrapbooking and much more.

Any traditional artist will appreciate this creative gift for painting and drawing!

It’s also pretty suitable for beginners to learn from other artwork and to avoid mistakes.

Ink Markers by Prismacolor

When choosing gifts for artists, you’ll rarely find someone that says they don’t like Ink Markers!

These Prismacolor markets are one of my best recommendations since they’re very high quality AND only cost about $2.49 per marker.

Not only that but they also have two tips, one chisel and one fine tip.

Making these markers super versatile!

So, if you’re looking to choose the best gift for an artist friend or family member, consider this one highly.

P.S.: In the link I posted above, you can also find a cheaper 24 Pack with fewer colors!

Brush Pen Set by SAKURA

Consider getting a set of brush pens or the Micron pen set as a gift for the artist in your life.

This particular pack by Sakura, the Pigma Micron Brush Pens, includes black and other assorted colors!

It allows an artist to be very creative with all these different colors, and it would make a wonderful gift for artists who enjoy drawing with brushes.

It’s a pretty budget gift but your favorite artist, being it a professional or a young artist, will love it!

Vintage Leather Journal, Tree Of Life

If you’re looking for a more unique and creative gift for artists, how about a vintage leather journal?

This leather journal has a beautiful Tree Of Life cover design and 180 handmade paper pages.

It also has a very durable construction, so it should last your artist friend a LONG time.

Gift Card

A gift card from an artist's favorite store is always a great choice of gift for artists!

Unsure of what specific art supplies to get for the artist in your life?

Consider giving them a gift card for their favorite art supply store.

This allows them to choose the materials that best suit their artistic style and needs.

You can choose from several stores, although Amazon is usually great since they have so many supplies!

366 Days Of Prompts

366 Drawing Prompts For Artists

Having drawing ideas can be quite hard for an artist! That’s why I’ve created this Prompt Pack with 366 different prompts.

One prompt for every day of the year!

This can be a very fun gift for artists who are always unsure of what to draw.

So if you know an artist or someone who likes some simple prompts to follow, this is a great gift to get!

It includes:

  • 1 Book with All The Prompts (PDF)
  • 1 Printer-Friendly Version (PDF) (Less Pages)
  • 3 Checklists Of The Drawing Prompts (PDF and JPG)

Everything very easy to use and to get their creative juices flowing.

Watercolor Paint Set

Try out the vibrant colors and beautiful washes of a watercolor paint set from Arteza!

This complete pack of 60 colors (also available in 24 and 12 color packs) has some of the best quality you can find for watercoloring artwork.

Watercolor paint sets make a perfect gift for an artist looking to explore the world of watercolor painting or appreciates a good art gift!

Regardless of their medium, your favorite creative person might be interested in trying watercolors!

So I highly recommend this paint set.

It’s one of the best art supplies for fans of painting.

Art Supplies Subscription Box 

Artsnacks, an art supplies subscription box, great gift for artists!

How about getting a whole bunch of art supplies every month that comes directly to their door?

You can get your artist friend a whole box filled with supplies. It comes with everything from Paper, Pencils, Markers , Pastel, and much more.

It all depends on which box you get them!

Some examples of Art Supplies Subscription Boxes are:

All of these will have different supplies, so do take a look at what the previous month’s boxes have been like!

They often have full drawing sets great for both beginners and experienced artists alike.

Pigment Powder Set

When choosing a gift for an artist who draws, consider getting them a Pigment Powder Set, such as this one from Jacquard.

Pigment powders offer a unique way for artists to experiment with color and create stunning effects in their paintings.

These powders can be mixed with various mediums, such as paint or resin, to create custom colors and textures.

It includes 8 different colors of powdered pigment, which is great to start!

Inkless Buddha Board Art Set

Consider the Inkless Buddha Board Art Set if you’re looking for a unique art supply gift!

The Inkless Buddha Board allows artists to let their creative juices flow without the need for ink or paint.

Simply put your brush in water and see the amazing effects it produces while painting!

It’s very practical and elegant, since the “painting” disappears in a short time.

So if you’re looking for something that will inspire your artist friend or partner, this will make a great gift!

Ohuhu Gift Box Set

Unpacking The Ohuhu Gift Box

You’ll love the Ohuhu Gift Box Set for all your art supply needs, especially for artists who love drawing with markers!

It includes 72 Ohuhu Alcohol Markers, a pack of fine-liner drawing pens, a paper pad, and other fun goodies.

I’ve written a full review on this Gift Box Set here!

And I really enjoyed it.

It has a wide selection of art materials that traditional artists will love!

Art Apron (With Pockets!)

Get your art friend an art apron with pockets (such as this one from AFUN) to keep all your art supplies organized and easily accessible while you create.

An art apron with pockets is a game-changer for artists who draw and paint. 

It allows you to have all your essential tools within reach, eliminating the need to search for them constantly.

With designated pockets for brushes, pens, pencils, and other art supplies, you can work more efficiently and focus on the arting part itself!

Also, it comes in MANY different colors to choose from, which is awesome.

Get this one for that artist friend who never knows where they put their sharpener, pencil, or water brush.

High-Quality Mannequin

For a more realistic and dynamic representation, consider adding a high-quality mannequin to your collection of art supplies!

This one from 3DTotal is one of the most professional mannequins you can get!

I’ve gone about drawing mannequins in more detail here.

But here’s a short excerpt about this specific Mannequin: “The proportions are very realistic, the mannequin itself is sturdy, and it includes half of the figure seen from the outside and the other part as if the body was “dissected”.”

It’s a great way for artists to draw anatomy, so I highly recommend it!


When it comes to self-care for artists, there are several thoughtful gifts to consider.

For example, a body back massager can provide much-needed relief after long hours of working on art.

Cute keychains can add a touch of style to their everyday items, while a skin cream can nourish their hands.

But let’s get into specific self-care gifts for artists!

Body Back Massager

How about gifting a Body Back Massager for some self-care and relaxation after long drawing sessions?

The Body Back Buddy Elite can relieve tired muscles and help your artist friend unwind.

The repetitive motions of sketching and holding a pencil can strain your body, but a Body Back Massager can target those areas and alleviate tension.

Anything that massages your body is a godsend for a sore artist!

Cute Keychains

Keep your keys stylish and organized with adorable keychains!

These cute keychains not only serve a practical purpose, but they also looks so cute that I believe they are part of good self-care.

These ones from BONICI have different designs, which is why I love them.

You can choose from a Frog, Bunny, Shiba Inu, Tiger or even an Unicorn!

Skin Cream

Pamper your artist friend with this Skin Cream by CeraVe!

This nourishing cream is perfect for indulging in self-care as an artist.

Since, as a painter and traditional artist, your hands are constantly in contact with various materials, it’s very important to keep them hydrated and protected! 

It’s always a good idea to have some skin cream nearby.

So this is one of those gifts that every artist will enjoy getting!

Vintage Things

For a touch of nostalgia and self-care, indulge in some vintage treasures.

I feel it really helps with inspiration and rejuvenating your creative spirit!

I particularly enjoy this Vintage Leather Satchel by ECOSUSI since it’s very pretty AND useful.

It allows an artist to carry their tablet, sketch pad, art books and other tools.

There are many other vintage things you can give an artist, this is just one of my recommendations!

Puzzle Of Their Favorite Artwork

If your artist partner or friend has a favorite piece of artwork, why not give it as a puzzle?

This can be a very relaxing activity to do with your friend and they’ll have a wonderful piece when it’s completed!

I’ve linked the Kiss by Gustav Klimt here since I really enjoy it.

Pick whichever piece you think your artist friend will enjoy!

Set Of Candles

Create a cozy and calming atmosphere with a set of candles for a self-care routine. 

Candles have long been used for relaxation and creating ambiance, but they can also be a thoughtful gift for artists who draw!

When it comes to choosing candles, you can go either by design or scent.

I’ve linked the ones by Howemon since they have very interesting and artistic candle holders!

Hand Massager

Treat your friend to a handheld massager for some much-needed self-care after long hours of drawing.

The toll that repetitive hand movements can take on your muscles and joints is very big.

So a hand massager like this one by Xllent is a wonderful gift! 

(and don’t worry, it doesn’t bite!)

With innovative features like adjustable intensity levels and heat therapy, these devices offer a personalized and rejuvenating experience for artists seeking physical and mental relaxation.

Comfortable Hammock Chair

When looking for a way to relax and unwind after a long day of drawing, a comfortable hammock chair provides a cozy and soothing space for self-care!

It offers a unique and innovative way to take a break and rejuvenate before diving back into art again.

This is a great gift idea for artists that need some relaxation!

Speaking of comfort, another essential item for artists is an ergonomic chair cushion, especially during those long hours sitting at their desks.

Ergonomic Cushion For Your Chair

Get yourself an ergonomic cushion for your chair to provide comfort and support during those long hours sitting at your desk!

An ergonomic cushion is designed to promote proper posture, reduce pressure on your back and hips, and alleviate discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

I quite like this one by Everlasting Comfort. 

It comes with 7 different options of colors, so you can choose which one you think your friend will like the most!

Diffuser Kit

Create a soothing atmosphere with a diffuser kit!

 A diffuser kit is a perfect gift for artists who draw, as it allows them to create a calming environment and promote relaxation while they work.

With many essential oils to choose from, artists can customize their scents to boost creativity and focus.

I recommend getting a big pack with many scents.

This way, there will be at least one or two that they’ll LOVE.

Now, let’s explore other gifts, such as books and music, that can further inspire and enhance the artistic process.

Books & Music

When it comes to supporting artists who draw, books and music can serve as powerful sources of inspiration and knowledge!

Consider gifting them a book like ‘Color & Light’ that explores the principles of color theory and lighting in art.

Another great option is a graphic novel series like ‘Akira’ that offers visually stunning artwork and showcases the medium’s storytelling potential.

Additionally, don’t forget to find out their favorite musician or album and surprise them with a vinyl player or an album from that artist to enhance their creative atmosphere.

But let’s go over each pick!

Color And Light Book

Are you looking for a book that explores color and light in art for artists?

If so, consider the Color And Light Book by 3dtotal Publishing.

This innovative publication goes into the intricate relationship between color and light in artistic compositions.

It can be a bit meaty, but it’s a really helpful book for artists!

The book has many detailed explanations and visual examples!

And it provides valuable insights for artists seeking to enhance their understanding of these fundamental elements.

Setting Goals Book (Atomic Habits)

Want to help your artist friends set some goals and helpful routines?

Then I recommend the Atomic Habits book by James Clear!

It focuses on the best ways to create helpful systems to chase your goals, with detailed strategies and examples.

This type of book makes a thoughtful and practical gift for artists driven to innovate and achieve their artistic goals.

I really enjoy this book, so pick a copy for yourself as well! Or check it on Audible/Kindle.

Graphic Novels With Good Art

Looking for a graphic novel with good art?

Check out Akira or other graphic novels that feature stunning artwork and captivating stories.

For example, Akira, created by Katsuhiro Otomo, is renowned for its intricate illustrations and cinematic storytelling.

It’s considered a masterpiece of the medium and has inspired countless artists.

It would make an excellent gift for artists who appreciate innovative and visually striking work.

These graphic novels with good art provide endless inspiration and are among the best gifts for artists.

Other Graphic Novels of note for artists are: 

Pick some that you think your artist pal would enjoy and give it to them!

If a collection is too expensive right now, offer them just one of the first volumes to capture their interest.

Album Of Their Favorite Musician

Get them a copy of their favorite musician’s album to inspire and motivate their artistic process.

This can be a Vinyl, CD, or even a subscription to a music app!

Music has the power to quickly evoke emotions, making it an ideal gift for artists seeking creative inspiration.

By immersing themselves in the melodies and lyrics of their favorite musician, artists can tap into new realms of imagination and enhance their artistic expression.

It’s the best gift for any artist who wants to infuse their work with the innovative energy that music provides.

Vinyl Player/LP Player

What if your friend doesn’t have a Vinyl Player already? Well now’s your chance for an awesome gift!

I particularly like this one by Retrolife since it’s super portable and still very powerful.

The warm, rich tones of vinyl can inspire and amaze!

Embrace the nostalgia of vinyl with this more modern player.

Morpho Books

If you’re seeking a resource that simplifies the complexities of human anatomy for artists, consider exploring Morpho Books.

These books provide simplified forms and structures of the human body, making it easier for artists to understand and draw accurate representations.

There are MANY different books from Morpho, including Drawing Folds, Hands and Feet, Muscles and Joints and much more.

You can find all the Morpho books by clicking here!

I highly recommend you give them a look, they’re amazing.

Speaking of artistic skills, another book that can further inspire and empower artists is the ‘Steal Like an Artist’ book.

Steal Like An Artist Book

Check out the ‘Steal Like an Artist’ book for a fresh perspective on creativity and inspiration.

This book is a must-have for artists who draw, as it offers valuable insights into the creative process.

Doesn’t matter if you’re giving this to a digital or traditional artist.

The book is amazing for any creative person!

It encourages artists to embrace the idea of stealing ideas, not in a literal sense, but rather in the sense of being inspired by other artists and incorporating their influences into their own work.

Highly recommended!

Monet Art Book

For a deeper appreciation of Monet’s art, consider adding a Monet book to your collection.

A Monet book offers a window into the life and work of one of the most influential artists of the Impressionist movement.

Dive into the vibrant colors, delicate brushstrokes, and captivating landscapes that define Monet’s style.

Explore his evolution as an artist and gain valuable insights into his techniques and artistic philosophy.

This particular Hardcover version is wonderful to look at, and I highly recommend it!

Now, let’s move on to the next section about tech and fun.

Tech & Fun

When it comes to tech gifts for artists who draw, there are a few standout options to consider.

Quality headphones are essential for blocking out distractions and immersing yourself in your art.

The Cat Brush Rest Set is a fun and functional accessory that adds some whimsy to the drawing process.

A 3D printing pen allows artists to bring their creations to life in a whole new way.

And a portable keyboard/synthesizer can inspire creativity and exploration of new sounds.

Let’s go over them!

Quality Headphones

A pair of quality headphones is a wonderful gift for artists to inspire them with good music but ALSO to block out any distractions.

The Soundcore headphones by Anker Life are amazing at canceling out noise and have many modes to choose from.

Not only that, but they include 40h of playtime, allowing you to move around without worrying about the battery.

They also come in different colors, so be sure to choose one that you find your giftee will like!

Cat Brush Rest Set

Want a simpler but extremely cute gift? How about this 5-Pack Cat Chopsticks Rest Set by AP ARTSPER?

It’s normally used for setting chopsticks down, but as an artist you can use it to hang your Pencils, Paint Brushes, and Pens as well!

Not only is it adorable, but there’s a version with cute Dogs, too.

It also brings a playful element to your creative environment as a cute brush holder.

 Made in the shape of adorable cats, these rest sets are a perfect gift for artists who appreciate both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

3D Printing Pen

Back to more technology-based gifts, how about a 3D Printing Pen?

This one by MYNT3D already includes an OLED display, and it has adjustable speed & flow while drawing.

Not only that, but this kit also includes PLA plastic filament to get started right away!

The possibilities are endless as you explore this intersection of art and technology.

Portable Keyboard/Synthesizer

For a fun and portable musical experience, consider gifting a portable keyboard/synthesizer.

This is a particularly good gift for more musically inclined artists!

Casio is a very recognizable brand with great performance, so I recommend getting the Casio Casiotone keyboard.

With its compact size and advanced features, a portable keyboard/synthesizer is perfect for artists who want to experiment with different tones and melodies on the go.


Does your artist friend particularly obsess over colors and different hues?

Consider getting them a Colorimeter such as the Color Muse 2!

This innovative device allows you to accurately measure and match colors, ensuring your artwork is vibrant and true to life. 

A colorimeter can be especially useful for digital artists who work with different screens and printers, as it helps maintain consistency across various mediums.

It’s also very portable and easy to use, so it’s a perfect tool to have on an artist’s bag.

Subscription To Masterclass/Skillshare

picture of Patricia Caldeira drawing classes at Skillshare

If you want to give the gift of learning from top professionals, consider getting them a subscription to Masterclass or Skillshare.

These platforms offer various online courses taught by experts in various artistic fields.

Artists access lessons on drawing techniques, composition, color theory, and much more.

You can use this link to get 1 Month Free On Skillshare (and even watch a couple of my lessons there)!

It can be a very helpful gift for artists, especially when they’re feeling stuck in a particular subject or two.

Paint by Number for Adults

A very fun and relaxing gift for artists is a Paint by Number for Adults book or Kit.

These are wonderful packs that include everything they need to just start painting and stop worrying.

It’s particularly amazing since the pre-printed textured canvas is super useful to show where to paint.

It also includes 1 Wooden Easel, high-quality brushes, and sets of paints.

Vincent Van Gogh Hard Or Go Home Artist Shirt

When you want to show off your artistic style and sense of humor, you can’t go wrong with the Vincent Van Gogh Hard Or Go Home Shirt.

It’s a bit cheesy, but I found the pun quite funny!

This shirt combines the iconic artwork of Vincent van Gogh with a playful twist, making it the perfect gift for artists who appreciate both art and a good laugh.

Adorable Planters

Check out the adorable planters that will add a touch of fun to your artistic space. 

Not only are they completely adorable, but they’re actually super functional!

They have drainage plugs so you don’t overwater your plant, and a lovely smiley face on the vase.

Embroidery Kit

Looking for a fun gift for an artist to explore their creativity?

Try out an embroidery kit that comes with everything they need to get started! 

It includes 3 different stamped embroidery cloth, needles, instructions, threads and a plastic hoop.

So they just need to grab it and start embroidering right away!

Kintsugi Repair Kit

For the extra creative artists, how about a Kintsugi Repair Kit instead?

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form that involves repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer, creating beautiful and intricate designs.

This kit allows you to explore the art of Kintsugi and transform your broken ceramics into stunning pieces of art.

It’s highly practical AND very fun to use.

Now, let’s move on to another tool for artists: the Cricut.


If you’re an artist who loves to explore new technology and have fun with your creations, the Cricut is a must-have tool.

With the Cricut, you can create intricate and precise cuts on various materials, from paper to vinyl to fabric.

It’s very straightforward to use and super useful.

It opens up a world of possibilities for artists, enabling them to bring their imagination to life easily and precisely. 

Whether you’re creating personalized greeting cards, elaborate stencils, or unique home decor, the Cricut is a game-changer for artists.

Screen Printing Kit

Want something a bit more traditional to use?

You’ll love this Screen Printing Kit by Caydo, it includes everything an artist needs to start screen printing (minus the inks!).

And at a very affordable price!

You’ll get 3 different sized frames, gloves and more.

Artists can create their custom designs on various surfaces, including fabric, paper, and even wood.

The screen printing process is fun and messy, and a wonderful gift.

And that’s it for the list!

For more art supplies, check out my Best Drawing Pens For Artists here.

Or you’re more interested in Painting?

Click here for the Best Art Supplies For Painting!

And as always,

Keep on drawing!


Patricia Caldeira is the main writer here at Don Corgi. She's an art teacher with over 20.000 happy students across many platforms and courses!

Enjoy your stay and as always:
Keep on drawing!

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