12 Best Drawing Pens For Artists In 2023 (Cheap + Lasting)

As an artist, especially at the beginning, you may be looking for cheap drawing pens to use for your art. This doesn’t have to mean that they aren’t really that good or that can’t be used on a professional setting though! In fact, many professional artists use these exact cheap drawing pens on their technical and professional work.

All of these pens can be used for both inking and drawing, and I’ll include one of my favorite ballpoint pens for drawing that I’ve been using for years and years!

Not only that, but I’ll also include some specific ones that are very good pens for Calligraphy and Hand Lettering.

So let’s get started with the list for the best cheap drawing pens for artists.

1- Sakura Pigma Micron

Sakura Pigma Micron Pack (check out the reviews and price)

I’ve used the sakura pigma micron pens for many years and I keep using them! They are very smooth to the paper and have high-quality ink. Sakura doesn’t disappoint.

Not only that, but they last a pretty long time!

The pack I linked includes 6 different sizes, which are:

  • 0.20mm
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.30mm
  • 0.35mm
  • 0.45mm
  • 0.50mm

As you can see, the sizes of the tips increase slowly from pen to pen, so I’m sure you’ll find one or two that you prefer for your own style. This also allows you to test out the different sizes and try new things.

When buying them you can choose few different options, from Black color to Sepia or Assorted, so see what you like the best. I like to stick with the simple black ones when purchasing! But this is mostly because I just use them for drawing and inking outlines.

These are one of my favorite pens to use when trying to improve my line quality.

Oh and they don’t smear! They are really one of my favorite drawing pens to use.

2- Staedtler Pigment Liner

Staedtler Pigment Liner Packs (check out the reviews and price)

Staedtler has been around for quite a while and there’s a reason why: they make good products.

Not only do they make great pencils and pens that last a long time, but they also have very good prices! The pack that I linked above is a 6-pack at a very cheap price.

The pens come in 6 different sizes:

  • 0.05mm
  • 0.1mm
  • 0.2mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.8mm

As you can see, the sizes in this pack are more all over the place than the previous pack. This is good if you want to test both ends of thickness of pens and see what you can do with them!

Starting at a very thing 0.05mm allows you to work with very small details, and the 0.8mm pen lets you draw the outlines and larger areas.

These are very dark and smooth lines and will also last you a long time! Completely recommend this pack if you’re looking for a wider assortment of pens.

3- Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Dual Brush Pens on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

Tombow has so many options to choose from! I’m linking the grayscale version since I believe it’s PERFECT for beginner artists. It has many tones that you can choose from and it’s a good solution if you plan on shading your art.

One of the best things of these being dual brush pens is that you get two different pen tips for the price of one! You can use the brush size for a more stylistic approach and the fine tip for details.

The pack I linked above includes 10 different pens with different gray tones (and it includes WHITE!), so it’s really good for shading your art and practice your value drawings.

There are also packs with different colors and with more pens, so be sure to check those out if you’re looking for more options!

4- Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set

Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

Talking about color options, these pens from Huhuhero are a really great and cheap solution for drawing pens with a nice selection of colors to choose from!

These pens have a 0.38mm fine tip that is very durable and high-quality.

You can get a 10 pack, an 18 color pack or even a 36 color pack! And I have to say, for how cheap these pens are, I would get a 36 color pack just to test all the colors available.

A very good and budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a wide selection of colors to color your artwork!

5- Pandafly Black Fineliner Pen Set

Pandafly Black Fineliner Pen Set on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

Pandafly’s pen set has a wide array of pen tip sizes that will last you a long time.

The set has the following sizes:

  • 0.2mm
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.35mm
  • 0.4mm
  • 0.45mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.6mm
  • 1.0mm
  • 2.5mm (brush)

As you can see, the sizes have very tiny increments from one pen to the other! This is good in two ways.

First, you can pinpoint the exact size that you prefer, by going up or down one pen tip size.

Secondly, even if your favorite pen size runs out of ink, you can easily replace it by using a smaller or larger size without much difference in your artwork! This means you can keep on working with a different size and adapt your pen pressure on the go.

It’s also VERY good that it includes a brush tip shape for a more stylized approach and to cover wide areas that you need to paint or draw in.

6- Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Pen Set

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Pen Set ( check out the reviews and price)

Another gem from Sakura, the gelly roll moonlight pen set is a great option for a budget set of pens with a wide color range! These gel pens are amazing disposable pens with permanent ink.

The exact product I linked above is a pen pack of 10 assorted colors, but you can also choose any of the other 34 (!) options available on that product page.

Not only it includes other color ranges available, but also metallic colors and white gelly roll pens! I have a pack of white gelly roll pens at home that I use for highlights, they are really good, highly recommend those.

These pens also last a long time and have a 1.0mm pen tip.

If you’re looking for another option for coloring pens, this is a great choice!

7- BiC Cristal Original 1.0 mm

BiC Cristal Original 1.0 mm on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

Yes, I’m recommending the original BiC pens for drawing! Why? Well, they are just amazing! I remember being a kid and using these over and over again, they lasted so long and have such good ink.

Not only that, but they are VERY cheap. You can find a 10-pack for under 5$ in most places, so there’s really no reason to not give them a go.

Also, they are Ballpoint pens, which have their own specific feeling when drawing. I’m saying this in a good way though, I love how smoothly they go around the paper. Highly recommend having some BiCs around at all times.

8- Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers (check out the reviews and price)

Prismacolor is a widely known brand that has great quality art supplies, and this applies to their pens as well!

The pack I’ve linked above contains 5 different pens with different sizes, from 005 to 08, all with a very fine tip, and all in black.

There’s also an option to grab a pack with assorted colors if you’d rather draw and ink with colors instead. Or even if you’re looking for some coloring supplies to add to your artwork.

The pens themselves are very smooth and waterproof, so there won’t be many cases of smudging or smearing. And as long as you use good paper, the pens won’t bleed through the page!

9- Ohuhu Dual Tips Coloring Markers

Ohuhu Dual Tips Coloring Markers on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

Another drawing pen option with dual tips, the Ohuhu coloring markers are great if you want a pretty cheap pack of colorful pens.

Since it includes one tip on each side of the pen, there are many things you can do with them! One of the tips is a brush, while the other is a fine tip.

The brush pen tip is also particularly good if you want to try your calligraphy! But I’ll give another option that you can use for calligraphy and hand lettering further below.

The colors themselves are very vivid and come in many tones, so if you want to work out your shading techniques, you can do this by only using this set.

These drawing pens also dry very quickly and last a long time. I recommend this set if you’re looking for a wide assortment of colorful pens at a very cheap price.

10- Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen on Amazon (check out the reviews and price)

If you’re looking for a drawing pen that you can use for illustration, calligraphy AND hand lettering, this is the pen for you.

Not only this is a very sturdy and long-lasting fountain pen, but it’s also very cheap for what it is!

The set includes a nice case to pack your fountain pen in, and an ink cartridge right away, so you don’t need anything else to get started when you buy this pen. Well, besides some paper of course!

It’s a very smooth fountain pen that you should highly consider if you have any interest whatsoever in Calligraphy or Hand Lettering. Well worth the price!

11- Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Pack

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (check out the reviews and price)

This amazing 2-pack by Tombow includes one pen with a soft brush tip and another with a hard tip.

If you’re interested in brush lettering, you’ll love the soft brush tip. But the hard tip also has a very interesting feel and works best if you tend to draw or write harder and with more pressure.

Still, it feels as if one of the brushes is free for the price of the entire pack! I also recommend this pack if you just want to doodle and have fun inking your drawings, you can achieve different styles for a very low price.

A very good pack if you’re not sure if you prefer a soft or a hard brush on your drawing pens, or if you just want to have more flexibility in your drawings and drawing style!

12- Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (check out the reviews and price)

This post wouldn’t be complete without me writing about the amazing Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens. I LOVE these pens.

The pack I’ve linked above has 8 different sizes:

  • Extra Superfine (XS) – .1 mm
  • Superfine (S) – .3 mm
  • Fine (F) – .5 mm
  • Medium (M) – .7 mm
  • Soft Calligraphy (SC)
  • Bullet (1.5) – 1.5 mm
  • Soft Chisel (SC) – 1-3 mm
  • Soft Brush (SB) .5-5 mm
  • Chisel (C) – 2.5 mm
  • Brush (B) – 1-5 mm

It’s an amazing pack for the price, especially if you consider all the different points you get from just a pack of pens! The art styles and different drawings you can make by just choosing one of the different pens included is huge.

The pens are also waterproof and last a long time. In fact, I still have a few here with me that I’ve bought years ago!

In the product page you can also find a 6-pack version and a 6-pack version with gray tones instead, so consider getting one of those if you’d rather practice your shading or want something even cheaper. (Even though I think the 8-pack has a great value!)

Alright, I hope this article was helpful for you to find the very best (and cheap) drawing pens for artists! Now start drawing while you wait for them to arrive!

Oh and check out this list of the best drawing Materials for other supplies you might have missed!

12 Best Cheap Drawing Pens For Artists On A Budget!
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