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Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet Review: Artist’s Budget King?

The Ugee M908 might be on your radar if you’re looking for a budget drawing tablet for beginner artists!

If you’re looking for a medium-sized budget tablet, this might just be the one for you.

The Ugee M908 is a budget drawing tablet under $50, and its medium size makes it stand out from all the other budget tablets.

In this drawing tablet review, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Ugee M908 and weigh its pros and cons to learn if this is the right drawing tablet for you!

The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet At A Glance

Ugee M908: A Great Entry Drawing Tablet

Photo of The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet Box
Ugee M908 Digital Drawing Tablet

Good pick as an entry tablet for beginners.

  • Portable And Light
  • Great Size For The Price
  • 16k Pressure Levels!
  • Works on Computers And Android Devices
  • Very Slim Pen
  • Low-Quality Textured Film
  • Not Very Sturdy Materials

At a quick glance, the ugee m908 is a good entry drawing tablet for beginner artists. However, it does have some caveats.

Let’s go into more detail about what you should expect from this drawing tablet!

Unboxing The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet

The M908 package is quite compact and organized. Although it does not come with many extra accessories, it does bring everything you need to start drawing.

Unpacking The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • 1 Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet;
  • 1 battery-free Stylus;
  • 1 USB-A to USB-C Cable;
  • 10 Replacement Nibs;
  • 1 Nib Extractor;
  • 1 OTG Adapter;
  • 1 Quick Guide + 1 Quick Guide for Android;
  • 1 Warranty Card.

As you can see, this is all you need to start your drawing journey.

The Quick Guides are quite helpful, with images and detailed information on how to set up your new tablet. Both on a computer and Android device!

Although it does not come with any extra accessories, this can also be advantageous since it is much more portable. All you need is the drawing tablet, which is very light, the stylus, and a cable.

The M908 also has a paper texture surface installed, so it feels more comfortable to use and protects your drawing tablet from accidental scratches and smudges.

According to the pictures on Ugee’s website, this drawing tablet comes in 3 different colors: Black, White, and Orange. However, only the black version is available for now!

Specs Of The M908

The Ugee M908 is a simple tablet, but its specs are not behind other, pricier drawing tablets!

This is a medium tablet, so you have more space to draw on. However, it’s still small enough to carry around or to draw from different places.

The M908 is 330.1 x 210.1 x 9.3 mm (≈ 13 x 8.27 x 0.3 inches), slightly bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.

As for its active area, it’s about 10 x 6.25 inches (254 x 158.8 mm).

M908 Drawing Tablet And Stylus

As mentioned before, this is a very portable drawing tablet, not only because of its size but also because of how light it is.

It doesn’t matter where you’re drawing or how you’re carrying it; the M908 only weighs 495g, so it won’t be a burden!

To the side of the drawing tablet, you can access a small panel. Here, you can use up to 8 fully customizable shortcut buttons and a scroll wheel.

This wheel is set to zoom in and out of your canvas, but you can change it to any other action you might prefer.

Let’s talk about Pressure Levels since there’s exciting news on that front. The M908 has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is pretty standard nowadays.

However, you can download and install a firmware upgrade, which brings it to 16000 pressure levels!

It’s also worth mentioning that this upgrade is available for most Ugee drawing tablets.

As for the stylus, this is a very light PH23 battery-free pen with ±60° tilt support. This is the most recent generation from Ugee.

The pen has two buttons that you can set up for any shortcut or action you want.

New Gen Stylus PH23 for the Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet

Finally, compatibility.

The Ugee M908 is compatible with Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.10 and later, and Chrome OS 88 or later.

This tablet can also be used in Android 6.0 or later devices, Harmony 2, and Linux.

As for drawing software, nowadays, drawing tablets are compatible with most of them, such as Photoshop and other Adobe software, Sketchbook, Corel, Gimp, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, and many others.

The Ugee M908 Is Compatible With Most Drawing Software

The M908 is a budget drawing tablet, but its specs hold up very well for its price, especially the possibility of upgrading to 16k Pressure Levels!

A lovely choice for beginner artists.

Design And Build Quality

The M908 has a rounder design, which makes it quite interesting and different to look at. As mentioned before, this is a light drawing tablet, making it great to carry around or draw from anywhere.

However, its lightness also doesn’t inspire much assurance regarding its resilience.

I’d recommend buying a pouch or case to keep the drawing tablet when carrying it around to ensure it’s more protected.

The shortcut buttons are very responsive and pleasant to use. You can both listen and feel the wheel move around when turning it. You don’t have to look at it and be sure it’s working and doing what you want.

The same goes for the shortcut buttons. They have different designs and feel different to the touch, so you can easily identify them without looking.

8 Shortcut Buttons And A Scroll Wheel

Although these seem like small things, they deserve to be noticed!

As for the stylus’s design and quality, they do not feel as good as previous models. The design itself is very slim, which may look good and comfortable since it looks similar to a normal pen.

However, a good ergonomic pen is necessary when drawing for a long time. A thicker design, such as the one that comes with the Ugee S640, feels much more comfortable to use.

Similar to the tablet, the pen is very light, which, although it makes it easier to use, it does feel slightly flimsy.

Finally, as for the surface texture, although the extra protection is appreciated, it’s not of great quality. When opening the box, the surface presents several smudges and scratches.

It feels smooth, and the pen travels along the surface well.

However, due to its quality, it can easily scratch and create unwanted deterrents as you draw.

There’s a small yet handy pen holder on the side of the tablet. You can easily fit the pen inside the Ugee label, so you don’t forget about it elsewhere.

Although it’s a simple design, the pen won’t easily fall from its holder, so you can comfortably carry it!

The Drawing Tablet Comes With A Small And Handy Pen Holder

Overall, this can be enough for a beginner artist who’s on a budget and looking for a medium-sized tablet.

The M908 costs about $49.00, which is generally the price of a small drawing tablet. For the price, it’s a good deal!

Driver Installation (Tablet Setup)

Setting up your new drawing tablet is quite easy.

The M908 is almost a plug-and-play drawing tablet. However, installing the proper drivers to fully access its features and avoid any compatibility problems is recommended.

You can find and download the drivers on Ugee’s Website.

Just download the file and then follow the instructions. The whole process is very simple, and the Quick Guide that comes with the tablet also explains everything very well.

After installing the drivers, you can now access the drawing tablet’s software.

Here, you can change the shortcuts to any action you prefer. The same goes for the pen buttons and test and change the pen’s pressure sensitivity.

There are several modes you can choose from, or you can manually control the curve!

The Drivers Software Is Easy And Intuitive To Navigate

Everything is very easy and intuitive to use.

If you’re left-handed, you can also change the tablet’s orientation through this software. Change it from 0º to 180º and turn the tablet so the shortcut panel is turned right.

Now, you can comfortably draw without accidentally pressing any button!

As for drawing on an Android device, you don’t need to install any driver. Just connect the cable and the OTG Adapter to the device and open your preferred drawing software.

The tablet will be ready to use immediately.

You can also change the tablet’s orientation when drawing on an Android device. This is not a common option, and it’s a great addition. 

When drawing on a mobile device, you can use the tablet vertically, where all its active area is available to draw, or, by pressing one of the shortcut buttons, use it horizontally.

The downside is that its active area is reduced when the tablet is used in landscape mode on a mobile device. It can still be a more comfortable option while drawing!

Pros And Cons Of The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet

We’ve gone through everything you need to know about the Ugee M908.

Now, let’s weigh in the pros and cons of it so you can more easily know if it’s the right drawing tablet for you!


  • Good size for a budget drawing tablet: this is a medium-sized tablet, slightly bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. Finding a medium drawing tablet for such a low price is rare.
  • Very portable and light: the M908 is very light, and its design makes it easy to keep in a bag or backpack and bring it with you. The same goes if you want to draw in different places. Be it on a desk, bed, or sofa, you can do so comfortably.
  • 16k Pressure Levels: although the tablet comes with 8192 pressure levels as default, you can upgrade to 16k by installing the firmware upgrade!
  • It supports both computers and Android devices: this medium drawing tablet can also be connected to an Android device, such as a smartphone, to make drawing easier on the go. Just connect the cable to the phone, open your favorite drawing software, and start drawing. 


  • Low-quality textured, protective film: although it has a texture similar to paper, it will easily create smudges and scratches. As you draw, this film will immediately show traces of the pen as it slides through.
  • The Stylus design is too slim and light: the stylus design is made to look similar to an actual pen. However, it’s not ergonomic nor comfortable to use as you draw for an hour or more. Its weight makes it slightly harder to control, and it feels too flimsy.
  • Low-quality materials: the drawing tablet is made out of mostly plastic. Although not uncommon, it definitely feels like a low-grade plastic that could easily break if not handled carefully. For such a portable drawing tablet, it should feel sturdier.


Ugee M908: A Great Entry Drawing Tablet

Photo of The Ugee M908 Drawing Tablet Box
Ugee M908 Digital Drawing Tablet

Good pick as an entry tablet for beginners.

  • Portable And Light
  • Great Size For The Price
  • 16k Pressure Levels!
  • Works on Computers And Android Devices
  • Very Slim Pen
  • Low-Quality Textured Film
  • Not Very Sturdy Materials

The Ugee M908 is not a super high-quality drawing tablet.

However, its price and size make it a good entry tablet for a beginner artist.

This drawing tablet can be of interest to someone who’s on a budget or looking to test the waters of digital art without spending much money.

Links to everywhere you can buy the Ugee M908 below.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized drawing tablet but don’t want to spend too much money on it, the M908 could be a good fit. Once you find that digital art is a medium you want to pursue, you can upgrade it for something of higher quality.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind using a smaller drawing tablet or even prefer that, then I’d recommend the Ugee S640.

Although smaller and cheaper, it feels much sturdier and made out of better materials.

Its stylus pen is also more ergonomic and comfortable to use!

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