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GAOMON WH851 Drawing Tablet Preview: Multi-Purpose Entry Tablet?

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I’ve just got a behind-the-scenes look at the GAOMON WH851 Drawing Tablet. And I’m here to give you a quick preview to see if this tablet is for you!

Could this be a game-changer for your creative work? It has a sleek design, and the wireless connectivity frees you from the tangle of cords!

Not only that, but it comes at a great price and has 18 hours of battery life.

So, let’s explore the GAOMON WH851 a bit more and see if this drawing tablet is right for you.

Key Features and Design Of The GAOMON WH851

The GAOMON WH851 drawing tablet boasts key features like a customizable working area (for different devices) and a sleek design that I find both functional and visually appealing.

It comes in two colors, a light-grey/blue and a stylish black!

Different Colors Of The Gaomon WH851 Drawing Tablet
source: GAOMON

Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, reducing finger fatigue with considerations such as a silicone pen case and anti-slip backing.

This tablet’s versatile functionality is great for both PC and Android users, with a working area that adapts to different screen resolutions.

You’ll notice an improved writing experience thanks to the AP519 stylus designed for precision, just like a hard pen.

The tablet’s wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.0, offer the freedom to create without cables.

Importantly, the affordable price of $59.99 makes this innovative tool accessible, ensuring you don’t compromise on quality for cost.

Stylus Enhancements and Accessories

Building on the WH851’s ergonomic features, you’ll find the AP519 stylus to be a great choice!

It has been meticulously designed to enhance your digital drawing experience with its less than 0.45mm retraction distance. And the Pen Stylus has a very durable but comfortable silicone grip.

The anti-slip grip counters any worry of the pen slipping from your fingers, so you can spend a long time drawing or note-taking without worry.

The Gaomon WH851 Drawing Tablet With Pen
source: GAOMON

Not only that, but in the package, you have 20 spare nibs, so you can switch them out easily whenever you like.

Plus, quick guides to get you setup, a felt bag, a USB-C cable, two-finger gloves and a cleaning cloth!

Now that’s a complete package.

Technical Specifications Of The WH851

Diving into the technical specifications, you’ll find that the GAOMON WH851 drawing tablet is a compact powerhouse, measuring just 288.6 x 170.8 x 7.5 mm and weighing a mere 390 grams.

Its working area has a sizeable 8 x 5 inches (203.2mm X 127mm) for PC mode and a customizable space for Android devices.

You’ll be impressed with the tablet’s sensitivity, thanks to its 16384 pressure levels, ensuring nuanced strokes and precision.

Standby Time And Charging Time Of The WH851 Tablet

The tablet’s wireless connections via Bluetooth 5.0 allow you to create without cables cluttering your workspace.

Its battery capacity is robust at 1300mAh, promising up to 18 hours of uninterrupted artistic flow. And the WH851 has fast charging in just 2.5 hours.

Connectivity and Compatibility

You’ll often find that the GAOMON WH851 drawing tablet’s seamless connectivity and extensive compatibility with multiple operating systems enhance its appeal as a versatile creative tool.

The tablet includes wireless options like Bluetooth 5.0, as we mentioned before. And it’s a BIG point for this price point.

Compatibility Of The WH851 with the different operating systems

With the added benefit of being compatible across multiple operating systems! Including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android, making the WH851 a versatile tool for any creative work.

And it allows you to connect a USB-C cable (which is included) so that’s awesome if you want to just plug it in and start working.

Pricing and Who’s It For?

At just $59.99, the GAOMON WH851 drawing tablet positions itself as a very affordable option for art beginners and hobbyists looking for a versatile, multi-purpose creative tool!

This entry-level drawing tablet offers beginner-friendly features and very versatile functionality that exceeds its modest price tag, ensuring value for money at this price point.

WH851 Drawing Tablet From The Side with the Pen On Top

Including customizable shortcut keys, a roller button, and a silicone pen case illustrates a thoughtful consideration for user experience.

And it being a tool that you can use on so many different devices makes it a very attractive option for artists on the go.

In general, the WH851 looks like a very promising drawing tablet for beginners and a great gift for the Christmas season or a birthday!

Find the GAOMON WH851 Drawing Tablet for only 55.79USD* here: https://gaomon.net/products/wh851-pen-tablet

*Before November 30th, enjoy the Black Friday discount!

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