How to Draw an Adorable Corgi In 9 Easy Steps

How To Draw An Adorable Corgi Step by step, the easiest way to draw dogs!

I love to draw Corgis, they are definitely one of my favorite breeds! They’re so small and weirdly proportioned. So, of course, I wanted to figure out correctly how to draw such a cute animal! I know that dogs or even animals, in general, can seem hard to draw. Especially if you’re not used to …

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How to Draw an Angry Face, With 15 Examples!

Learn How to Draw an Angry Face with Emotion! by Don Corgi

Even though I tend to draw very peaceful looking characters in most of my pieces, I really like to play with emotions and take some time to do some fun exercises. The more exaggerated the better and you can play a lot with angry expressions! Let’s go over, step by step, on how to draw …

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How to Draw Eyes – Face Proportion

Drawing the Eyes according to the Face Proportion How to place the Eyes correctly on the Head? We’ve talked about drawing Angular Eyes, Rectangular Eyes and even Round Eyes but we still haven’t talked about the relative position between them and the rest of the Face and how they look on different Head Positions, so …

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How to Draw Eyes – Smokey Sexy Eyes

How to Draw Eyes - Smokey Sexy Eyes by Don Corgi

Drawing Smokey Sexy Eyes So we’ve talked about Angular Eyes, which are Menacing and sometimes borderline “Evil” and we’ve talked about the Round Cuddly Anime Eyes, great for Cute and/or Simplistic Characters. It’s time for something in between?   “How do I draw Neutral, Smokey and Sexy Eyes?” you ask. That’s what we’re going to …

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How to Draw Eyes – Cute Round Anime Eyes

How to Draw Eyes - Cute Round Anime Eyes by Don Corgi

Drawing Cute Round Anime Eyes “You keep writing about Angular Shapes and Menacing Characters, what if I want to do a Cute or Happy Character?!” Alright alright, let’s talk about drawing the Roundest Eyes in the land, making your Character look Cute and at the same time Simplistic. The first thing you should know about …

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Draw Facial Expressions – Eye Expressions

Draw Facial Expressions - Eye Expressions by Don Corgi

Drawing Eye Expressions Is your Character looking very Stale and Emotionless? That’s because it needs some Expression! Remember that it’s not all about your Posing and Gesture Drawing (although that really helps too!), it needs to transmit Expression through his/her own face as well. “But how do I make him angrier/happier/sadder?” you ask. Well that’s …

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