How to Draw Eyes - Cute Round Anime Eyes by Don Corgi

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Drawing Cute Round Anime Eyes

“You keep writing about Angular Shapes and Menacing Characters, what if I want to do a Cute or Happy Character?!”

Alright alright, let’s talk about drawing the Roundest Eyes in the land, making your Character look Cute and at the same time Simplistic.

The first thing you should know about drawing Rounded eyes, is that it’s all about your Line Weight and Cleanliness, you have to keep your wrist loose and your lines even looser to make a confident Happy Round Anime Eye. So grab a piece of paper or your favourite Software and draw a bunch of lines and Circles to loosen up your wrist.


Let’s do it!

Alright so now do a Circular shape, how circular is totaly up to you, you can do a very wide Circle, almost like a Perfect Circle or just Round a general Almond Shape instead.

Practice a bunch of times with different shapes and sizes and see what you can come up with, the more you do the better you’ll get at doing this so don’t stop!

Drawing lines like this will make your character Cuddly and Cute, you can even add some small Eyelashes to your character for extra cuteness, simply do a few small strokes going outward.

How to Draw Eyes - Cute Round Anime Eyes

Click the Image to Join our Class and Learn How to Master Drawing Eyes!

That’s pretty much it for this quick blog Post, I hope that was helpful and feel free to share your Eyes below in the Comment section! You can see my Cute Round Anime Eyes in the Image above.


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