The Best Erasers That Remove Every Mark Easily!

There are a few different types of Erasers. Gum erasers, pink/rubber erasers, vinyl, electric, kneaded, etc.

Each one has its own use.

My favorite is for sure the Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser Pack  though, which I’ll talk about in a bit.

For example, gum erasers (those that look a bit translucid)! They have a very soft texture, so even though it will leave a long trail of waste in your paper, it’s very good to use with graphite.

Pink erasers, you might know them very well, from the end of your pencils. These are bit harder and sturdier, but very similar to gum erasers, they just leave less waste behind.

The vinyl eraser isn’t much of a difference. These are the regular white erasers. They’re much harder than the mentioned above but very good and multipurpose. Do pay attention to your paper though, to not wrinkle or rip it. This goes for any eraser really!

There are many types of Erasers, here are the ones I recommend for Artists! - by Don Corgi

Finally, there are electric erasers, that will erase even ink, these tend to be more expensive of course.

There are also pencil erasers, that look almost like a pen.

A simple tube, where you can insert a cylinder eraser on it. This way you can regulate it however you want and it’s perfect to erase small mistakes.

The pen eraser is something that I used throughout my college years and still have it near me, whenever I need to change/erase small details.

Lastly, my favorite, the Kneaded Eraser!

They’re very useful and can be used for more than erasing. There’s a lot you can do with them and my top pick is this Faber Castell one. This pack comes with 4 kneaded erasers, that will last you for years!

Why I Chose the Kneaded Eraser

Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser Pack

The greatest thing about this Faber Castell pack is that for around 8$, you get 4 kneaded erasers!

The second greatest thing is that each eraser is quite big, which means you can cut them, very easily into smaller parts. Not only will your kneaded eraser last you for longer, but having smaller parts of it can be very helpful to use in finer details.

To keep it clean, this pack comes with plastic cases.

This way, you can keep your erasers inside it and take it with you, in your bag, without losing it or getting them too dirty. Speaking of it, these are very sticky, perfect to absorb graphite, colored pencils, charcoal and even pastel!

Just mold it into any shape you’d like and use it to erase small mistakes, correct some lightning or shadows and even help to bring out the whites of your drawings, to make them more vibrant and contrasting.

I highly recommend the kneaded erasers because of how versatile they can be. Not only you can cut them, into different sizes, so you have one for each situation. You can also use them to erase different mediums, like the ones mentioned above.

The kneaded Eraser is my favourite for erasing Art! You can do lots of things with it.

And, lastly, you can use them for more than erasing!

These are great to create highlights in your drawings, light reflecting from shiny objects, like jewelry, the highlights of the eyes and so many others. It’s a great tool to experiment with.

I do talk more extensively about kneaded erasers over here. These erasers are a tool and as such, there’s a learning curve to them. A small one, but it exists. So if there’s still some doubt on your mind or questions you need to be answered, take a peek at this Article.

They also last for a long time.

Since they’re malleable, you just need to mold it again, every time you use it, so it mixes the residue it absorbed from the paper and it’s good to use again.

Another great advantage is that it won’t leave any waste behind.

As opposed to other, harder erasers, you won’t get your paper or workspace full of tiny bits of eraser dust. Everything is absorbed and kept in the eraser.

You just need to clean it by molding the eraser or even use it in spare pieces of paper to eliminate most of the dust and you’re good to go!

Here’s the link again in case you want to get a pack! Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser Pack

Alternatively, Use This Eraser

The STAEDTLER Mars Plastic.

More “regular” erasers can also work, my favorite pick is the Staedtler ones.

This is a very normal, hard, white eraser. Surely you’ve had and used them before. I really like this brand and I’ve owned quite a lot of graphite pencils by them. Actually, I still have some of them and give them use from time to time.

This is a pack with 4 erasers, latex free.

These are very big erasers that will last a long time. They have sharp corners, that you can use to erase details and will wear out very slowly and won’t leave too much crumbling behind.

I use this kind of erasers a lot. Even with colored pencils! They can’t erase them perfectly but will do the job, especially if you use softer pencils.

The downside to these erasers is that you can’t use them with any medium. They’re good to use with graphite and some colored pencils. Be careful though, since these are harder erasers, they can easily damage your paper. Use them gently and try as much as you can to use your pencils lightly, so you can erase everything smoothly!

There are many other types of erasers for other mediums, like the artist tape!

As mentioned, there are other types of erasers and different methods. Electric erasers and using artist tape are some examples that I mentioned right here in this Article. If you use a lot of graphite and colored pencils and struggle to erase them, check those tips out!

My other Recommended Tools