How To Draw a Dog – Draw a Corgi Pup Step by Step

How to Draw a Dog: Draw a Corgi Pup Step by Step
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How to draw a Dog in Easy steps?


There are a few ways to draw a Dog and I’ll guide you with Basic Steps on how I do it, in this case we’ll be taking a look at Drawing a Corgi Dog in a Side View, feel free to join me on Skillshare to learn about other Positions and other Dogs!

So here are the steps to Draw a Corgi.

(1) Draw a big rounded Rectangle

Like a big Loaf of Bread from the side. This will be the main Body of your Corgi.


(2) Add a small Box on the top Corner for the Neck

Now just make a Half Circle for the tail on the opposite Corner and little Stubs on the bottom for the Feet.

For the head create a Square shaped box and add a rounded Triangle to create the Snout.

Finally let’s add some Ears, Corgis usually have rounded tips at the end of their Ears so don’t make them too sharp! Try to create two rounded Triangle shapes next to each other on top of the previous box that we did for the Head.

We now have the General shape of our Corgi Dog. Well done!


(3) Clean everything up

Add Small lines for the Fuzzy Hairy parts of the Dog, like under the belly, near the legs and Neck.

Add a small nose and an Eye for the Dog, you can do any shape you want, I will go with a Simple Round Eye. Feel free to add a Collar as well if you’d like.

Keep Cleaning the Lines with as few strokes as possible to keep your character Smooth and prettier. This is a very straightforward process so Relax, listen to some Music and start Drawing!

Don’t rush it, loosen up and enjoy the process.


(4) Now we just need to color him

So start with the Base colors, choose a color that you’d like your Corgi main Body to be and start Painting!

Then paint the Details: the Collar, the Eye, the little Medal, keeping everything pretty simple.


How to Draw a Dog: Draw a Corgi Stepy by Step
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And that’s it! You’ve finished your Corgi Dog, Well Done!

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