7 Tips to Improve Your Line Quality, Starting Now

7 Tips to Improve Your Line Quality Starting Now, learn to improve your drawings with Don Corgi!

Lines are harder to draw than they look like. It’s just a line, that shouldn’t be too complicated, right? In fact, there are a lot of artists that can’t wrap their heads around lineart! I for one, am quite the opposite. Working only with shapes and spots of color here and there, until I get …

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15 Best Drawing Tips for Beginner Artists

15 Helpful Drawing Tips for Beginners, by Don Corgi - Learn to Draw the Easy Way step by step!

If you want to improve your artwork quickly, here are the drawing tips for beginner artists that you must know! At times, going through the artistic path, there are struggles. These are mainly in our head. Blocking us from moving forward and take pleasure from our own art. I did have my struggles, sometimes they …

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9 Ways to Improve Your Art Style and Create Original Art

Improve Your Art Style! Create Original Art quickly, a beginner's guide by Don Corgi

Today we’re going to improve YOUR art style with a few simple practical tips that you can use. Posting and creating Original Art isn’t easy. Creating your own character, all from your head is more difficult than it looks. But it’s an important step in your improvement as an artist, getting out from the fan …

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Can Anyone be an Artist? Art Talent VS Skill

Can Anyone Be An Artist? The Myth of Artistic Talent. Here's what you need to know, to improve your art skills if you want to be a professional or hobbyist artist! - Don Corgi

Can anyone be an artist? The truth is that it’s not a very simple question to answer. I haven’t always been a great artist. Actually, I haven’t always been an artist! I drew a lot growing up, and then stopped, and then started again. But if by being an artist, you mean being a professional …

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Is Digital Art Easier? Digital vs Traditional Art

Is Digital Art Easier? The debate about Traditional vs Digital Art, here are my thoughts! - Don Corgi

I can honestly never decide. Some years ago, I felt that drawing digitally was easier. Just need to make a sketch, no matter how ugly and then just make it pretty on the computer. Later on, I decided that sketching out on my sketchbook was more straightforward and effortless! Is digital art easier than traditional? …

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