Improve Your Line Art : Clean Up Your Sketch

Improve Your Line Art: Clean Up Your Sketch by Don Corgi
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Let’s talk about Cleaning up your Sketch and Improving Your Line Art.


“But my Sketch looks so Messy, what can I do with this?”

Do not worry.

We’re going to Clean everything up and make your Lines look beautiful. Some of my sketches end up looking pretty bad, but I know they are just a Base that you can clean up and improve later on! And that’s what you should think of your own sketches: bases to improve.

(1) Alright so let’s get on with it, start drawing lines through your previous shapes.

  • Keep them loose and try to make them as steady as you can.
  • Don’t worry too much about messing them up.

Try to create long lines from one point to another, that means no “chicken scratching” or tiny lines to make a longer one! One of the best ways to Improve your Line Art is to Have strong and Long Confident Lines.

If you’re on the Computer, using your Software of Choice create a new Layer on Top of your previous Sketch. This way you can erase and re-draw lines at will without messing up the sketch lines from before.

If instead you’re doing this the Traditional Way and you’ve used a Pencil, then just switch to a Pen or a Brush that you like and draw over them, this way once you’re done you just need to wait for the ink to dry and you can erase the underlying sketch.

Another option is to use Vegetable Paper and draw on top of your sketch, this way you keep the previous sketch untouched while you’re still working with a steady and strong base.


(2) Keep going focusing on Straight and Curved lines, keep them very loose from one point to another while adding small details all over the figure.

How much Detailing is enough?


(3) There is no wrong answer to this. It’s totally up to you how much Details you want in your Character.

Maybe you’re going to a very simplistic character with just the basic shapes or maybe you want to go full steam on it and add wrinkles to the fabrics and pores to the Skin to make it look super realistic!

You do you.

Do not rush it, and have fun while doing it.

“But I don’t know how to Draw [insert body Part here]!”


First of all, it’s all about Practise. If you keep trying and focusing on the general shapes of the pose, you can draw ANYTHING. Yes that’s right, I’m not exaggerating, with enough Practise nothing can stop you.

This is also true for Improving your Line Art.

If you’re still having trouble then keep an eye out on the blog since I’ll be sharing new tips and tricks on drawing different things, from Hands and Eyes, to Dogs and Cats.


Improve Your Line Art : Clean Up Your Sketches

Here’s my final version of the Cleaned up Sketch, what do you think? Post yours in the Comments below, I’m looking forward to seeing it!


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