NeatoShop Store! (Review on Quality and link below!)

I was recently contacted by a Neatoshop associate to open my own Store there, and I have to say it has been wonderful working with them so far!

They gave me a lot of support and help to post all my products there and even Increase my audience by connecting to them. They also gave me an Artist Suport Package which included a printed Shirt for Review! So let’s get into the details of that.

It took a few weeks to get here, since we live in Portugal, but it has come in great condition as you can see in the Photo below.

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(the level of Detail from Neatoshop’s Prints is amazing, all the colors look very good and not even pictures show how good it is)

I was amazed by the quality and the Print size of the Shirt, where most Online Stores tend to print a very small area of the Shirt, Neatoshop actually prints a much larger part, where you can see all the details of the Design without losing any quality whatsoever.

(Below this text you can see my printed Design of Tunnel Snakes Rule a parody/Fan Art for the game Fallout 3)

The colors are all spot on, they really pop from the shirt and make the Design look all that much better. Even the tiny details which sometimes tend to disappear rather quickly, are holding on tightly to the Shirt.

All in all, I’m very happy with the Quality of the shirt, I give it two Thumbs Up!

neatoshop, tunnel snakes rule, thumbs up, review, amazing, art, illustration, design

(you can see the size of the printed Area better in this Picture, it covers a big Part of the Torso, making the Design look so much better)


They also have a lot of Sales so keep on the lookout to snag that Design you enjoy! Check out some examples below this post.


Find some of our Neatoshop Designs below!