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ScrawlrBox Review: Is This Art Supplies Subscription Worth It?

The ScrawlrBox is an art supplies subscription box. But is it worth it?

I’ve been a fan of this art supplies box for some years now and actually got past boxes before.

ScrawlrBox is a great and affordable way to try new and different mediums!

Inside each box, you get everything you need to draw something new, and each supply is of great quality.

But let’s get into the ScrawlrBox with more detail so you can decide whether it’s for you!

Review unit sent by ScrawlrBox, but they did not influence our review.

Quick Overview of ScrawlrBox

ScrawlrBox Review (Featuring Box #102)

The Contents Of The ScrawlrBox 102, Scrawlrbox Review

The ScrawlrBox Art Subscription Box is a great value-for-money box with high-quality art supplies. This is an especially good deal for people who enjoy trying out new media every month.


  • Great Value For Money
  • New Supplies To Try Every Month!
  • Different Subscription Plans Available


  • You Never Know What You’ll Get (grab an older box instead if this bothers you!)

ScrawlrBox Unboxing (What’s Inside)

The ScrawlrBox comes properly identified, and everything is well packed to avoid any damage to the supplies.

This time around, I got the ScrawlrBox #102.

If you’re paying a subscription, you’ll get a new box every month and be surprised by different supplies.

However, you can still buy previous ScrawlrBoxes. In this case, you’ll know exactly what’s inside each box.

Usually, you’ll get a few art supplies and a few sheets of paper.

Depending on the medium chosen for the box, it might come with more supplies.

Let’s see what’s inside ScrawlrBox #102!

Art Supplies Included

Inside a small paper wrapper, you’ll find your new art supplies:

  • 1 x Seawhite Size 6 Synthetic Round Paintbrush;
  • 1 x Daler Rowney Artists Water-soluble Sketching Pencil;
  • 1 x Viviva Colorsheets Metallic Watercolour Set;
  • 8 Sheets of ScrawlrBox Watercolour Paper Pad, 190gsm.
unboxing of scrawlrbox 102 by patricia caldeira at doncorgi

As you can see, this box is all about watercolor and has a very creative booklet that you can easily take anywhere!

But there’s still more besides the supplies.

With ScrawlrBox you get to learn new mediums but also get inspired by drawing challenges and other artists.

A Treat, a Sticker, and a Print

Every month, a chosen artist is featured on ScrawlrBox.

Usually, this artist specializes in the current box’s medium.

When you open your ScrawlrBox, you’ll find an A5 print with information about the artist on the back.

You’ll also get a sticker printed with the featured artist’s art in the format of ScrawlrBox’s logo!

Every ScrawlrBox Comes With A Snack, A Print And A Sticker

But that’s not all! Every month, you’ll get a different snack inside the box.

These are usually tiny candies you can taste while taking a break from drawing!

I particularly enjoy the addition of the print and sticker.

This way, we learn about different artists and also get new art every month to decorate the walls.

ScrawlrZine (Art Magazine)

With each ScrawlrBox, you’ll get a ScrawlrZine.

This small art magazine contains information about the art supplies included in the box.

Including how to swatch and use them.

It even comes with different tips and ideas for drawing using the supplies.

Inside, you’ll also learn more about the featured artist and their tips on how to work with that month’s medium.

The ScrawlrZine 102, photo by patricia at doncorgi

A few pages also showcase other artist’s art from previous boxes.

ScrawlrBox also challenges you to draw something, following their theme every month.

For this box, the theme was ‘Fire & Ice’.

If you join their drawing challenges and post your results on social media, your art could be featured in the next ScrawlrZine!

This art magazine is quite helpful because it provides very simple exercises and drawing ideas to help you use and experiment with your new supplies.

Bonus: ScrawlrStickers #Mix

ScrawlrBox also sells other items like T-shirts, Mugs, Sketchbooks, and Stickers! So I asked to check out their random pack of ScrawlrStickers #Mix, and they sent me a pack.

Pack Of 20 Mixed Stickers by scrawlrbox

This pack costs £9.00 ($11) and comes with 20 stickers.

These are all stickers from previous boxes, but they include a special sticker that was never released with a supply box.

If you enjoy stickers and collecting them, this can be an excellent addition.

It’s not too expensive, taking into account the number of stickers inside the pack!

Something to consider is that most stickers will have the same format (ScrawlrBox logo), so there’s not a lot of variety there.

Only the illustration or colors inside the logo will change.

The exclusive ticket is the most unique. In this pack, I got a foil sticker with a pencil drawing.

Includes One Exclusive Sticker foil

The sticker’s quality is formidable. The paper is thick and slightly glossy, so you can stick them anywhere, and they won’t easily fall or deteriorate.

Furthermore, in addition to merch, Scrawlrbox sells its own supplies, such as the paper we got in box #102, which is great for drawing on! 

What You Can Create With A ScrawlrBox Art Subscription Box

The possibilities are many. Check out the video above to see what I’ve drawn with Scrawlrbox 102 (and draw with me!) 😊

It doesn’t matter which supplies you get. A ScrawlrBox Art Subscription Box can be used for many different things.

Every month, you get to experiment with different mediums and colors.

Sometimes, even techniques!

ScrawlrBox Nr 102 art Supplies from this art subscription box

When trying the different supplies, you can even develop your ideas and formats.

Even though you usually get a few paper sheets for your new supplies, you can use something else!

The great thing about ScrawlrBox is that it invites you to try and experiment with new things.

You can create a lot with a ScrawlrBox subscription art box, and you’ll even get some examples and inspiration from the ScrawlrZine!

Here’s what I created with the ScrawlrBox #102 supplies.

The Art Created Using ScrawlrBox Supplies by patricia caldeira at doncorgi.com

You can also search the hashtag #scrawlrboxchallenge to see what other artists have posted on Instagram using ScrawlrBox art supplies!

Pros and Cons of ScrawlrBox

All right, it’s time to see what I liked and didn’t like about ScrawlrBox.


  • Great Value for Money: This box is just the right price considering the supplies included and their value. Even if you decide to buy just one to give it a try.
  • New Supplies Every Month to Try: Every month, there are new and different supplies for you. Even if the medium is the same as before, there are always different brands and even formats in which the medium is presented. This is quite exciting since you get to experiment with many different things!
  • Different Subscription Plans: There are different subscription plans, depending on how long you want to subscribe. Furthermore, instead of a subscription, it’s also possible to buy one of the past boxes with no strings attached.


  • You Never Know What You’ll Get: every month, you’ll get new and different supplies to try. However, since you don’t know which, you might end up with something you don’t enjoy drawing with!

Related Questions

Let’s cover some general questions about ScrawlrBox.

If you have any more questions, leave a comment!

Does ScrawlrBox Ship Worldwide?

Yes, ScrawlrBox is based in the UK but ships worldwide. International Shipping comes at an extra charge.

How Much Is ScrawlrBox?

The ScrawlrBox subscription is £20.95 (about 26$ or 24€). If you buy a previous ScrawlrBox, they’re usually around 24.95£, but you can find some on sale for 18.94£.

These eventually end up sold out, so if any catches your eye, go for it!

Are ScrawlrBox’s Art Supplies Good Quality?


ScrawlrBox consistently partners with great and famous brands such as Faber Castell, Derwent, Copic, Canson, etc.

Even their own brand is quite good, and you sometimes get to try their products, such as the paper included in ScrawlrBox #102!

Is A ScrawlrBox Subscription Good For Beginner Artists?

The ScrawlrBox Subscription is suitable for beginner and veteran artists who are curious about different mediums.

It’s a good chance to try and own different things without spending a lot of money on big packs of supplies.

It all depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.

And even if you’re on a budget, there are other alternatives!

The Contents Of The ScrawlrBox 102

As mentioned, instead of a monthly subscription, you can buy a past box at a cheaper price.

There are even sales from time to time where you can buy these boxes for a very low price, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them!

Nevertheless, the subscription is quite affordable, especially considering the great quality of the supplies you get!

Is ScrawlrBox Good Value For Money?

Yes. Especially if you want to try a different medium without committing to it.

Generally, if you want to try a new medium, you’d have to buy new paper and packs of pencils, markers, and paints, depending on what you’re trying.

You can buy smaller packs or even individual tubes of paint, markers, or pencils.

However, art supplies are always quite expensive, even when buying individually.

Even then, when you’re not familiar with the medium, it can be difficult to choose what to buy.

With ScrawlrBox, you get an excellent array of supplies without being overwhelming, allowing you to try something new affordably!

You get to collect new and different supplies, and if you decide to invest in a particular medium, you already know what to get!

Get your Scrawlrbox here.

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Patricia Caldeira is the main writer here at Don Corgi. She's an art teacher with over 20.000 happy students across many platforms and courses!

Enjoy your stay and as always:
Keep on drawing!

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