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Pirate Zelda – Fan Art

What if Zelda was a Pirate? No, not the Tetra version! The Character Design Challenge this month over at Facebook was The Legend of Zelda. Being the great fan that I am of the series (you might have noticed on a few posts *ahem*) I just had to do something! Read more…

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Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine is the sexiest character from Cowboy Bebop other than Ein of course One of my favorite anime series! She is a pretty fun character and super sexy, really enjoyed doing this one.     Want a shirt or a Print? Check the banners below!  For business inquiries e-mail Read more…

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Scarlet Witch – Marvel Fan Art

Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Comics I recently watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and loved seeing Scarlet Witch there, it was quite the throwback to the comics character, although she is quite different from the comics version I watched as a kid. So here’s Scarlet (Wanda Maximoff) in her Marvel Read more…

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Wild Storm – X-Men Fan Art

Storm from X-Men Storm is my favorite female X-Men Character in the comics, she’s badass and strong while having a super stylish(?) sense of fashion! She’s awesome. Had to draw one of her (many) versions, hope you enjoy it!   Want a shirt or a Print? Check the banners below! Read more…