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Recommended Drawing Tables and Boards

You might like to sit on a sofa or your bed and draw comfortably, with a sketchbook on your lap. Other times, a drawing table can be very useful if you need a bigger solution for your drawings.

Especially if you’re using a lot of materials!

A big surface might be needed to work on bigger canvas, while having space for your brushes, pens, cups, etc. It might also be more comfortable to work at a good table.

The Best Drawing Table For Artists

So for this, I highly recommend this STUDIO DESIGNS desk.

This is a very complete and comfortable desk to work with.

It comes with a very sturdy and adaptable table along with a stool that you can use. It has very high durability, so not a very high price for how long you’ll have it and use it. And it’s also very simple and quick to assemble.

Having the right Drawing Table and Board is Important! Here are my Recommendations for you. - by Don Corgi

If you’re mostly drawing on your lap with your pencils and inking pens and find that the best way to work and relax, then a Board might be a thing for you!

Having a board is very useful and I always have one at home.

They’re not very expensive, and a harder surface will support your canvas much better than your knees only.

Best Drawing Board + Light Box Combo For Artists

You can choose a more modern drawing board option, in this case, this VKTEKLAB A4 Rechargeable Light Box is perfect.

Not only it has a good, sturdy surface to draw on top of it. It is also adaptable to different positions and the best part: you can use it as a light box as well!

This means that whenever you need to trace a messy sketch to a more clean version, in a new piece of paper, you can just turn the table on and it’s ready to use.

A multi-function table for you to use any way you want.

And if you’re still unsure of what exactly a drawing board is and why you need one, read this article.

Being comfortable with a drawing board is great! There are even versions where you can use it as a light box!

Alternatively, if you just want a simple, hard surface, so you can draw comfortably, a simple hardboard will do! I have one at home all the time.

Whenever I just want to relax and move to the sofa to draw, it is very useful.

It’s also very portable, so you can bring it with you.

If you feel like doing some live sketching from the sceneries, people or animals outside, just pack the board with your sketchbook and pencils!

The Artist Sketch Tote Board also has the great advantage that it holds a sturdy clip and a rubber band. This way, the board can hold a sheet of paper or even a pad and you have your hands free for drawing.

It’s very easy to carry around and large enough to use different paper sizes on it. At the same time, the board is very thin, making it lightweight, but sturdy.

So you can bring it with you anywhere, sit down and start drawing comfortably!

Why I Chose Studio Designs Comet Center as a Drawing Table

Studio Designs Comet Center Desk

This is a very simple desk. Perfect for drawing.

It’s spacious enough for you use paper with different sizes. The dimensions of the surface are 50 in. W x 24 in. D x 29.5 in. And the table itself is 29 inches tall.

The surface can also be adapted into different inclinations, from 0 to 20 degrees. This way it suits different positions of drawing as well as how you like to work the best.

This feature is also very good for your back.

Depending on your height, you can change the table angle, so you don’t end up with back pain. Remember, posture is very important as well as the table you’re using.

Consider getting a Drawing Table with different inclination modes, it's great for your back!

Apart from being a great table and very comfortable to work with, you’re not merely buying a table. With it, comes a simple stool that you can use if you don’t have a chair already.

And, more importantly, it comes with a storage solution for all your art supplies!

To the right side, you have 3 big drawers, where you can store your materials and it’s very easy to reach while working.

This way, you don’t have to make a mess of your desk while working. Just reach into your drawers and grab whatever you need.

On the bottom of the table, there’s also a flat shelf where you can keep anything you want, like some books, a bed for your pet or more boxes for even more supplies!

Alternatively, it can also serve for you to rest your feet, if that makes you comfortable while working!

Here it is again: STUDIO DESIGNS desk on Amazon 

Features to Look for in a Drawing Table

It all comes down to what do you need a desk for.

Do you need a desk to work on your computer only? Or just for drawing? Both?

  •  Sturdiness!! No matter what you need your table for, you need to have a very sturdy surface. Not only because you want it to hold the weight of whatever you’re going to put on it (a computer, books, some decorations, you choose!). But so that it won’t wiggle and move around while you’re drawing. You don’t want your drawings to look shaky, because of a weak table. Look always for hard surfaces and materials.
  • Size. This depends both on what you need your table for and taste. If you like to have lots of space while working, you might want to look for a very spacious table. The same goes if you want to use your desk both to draw on your computer and on paper. In this case, you’ll also want a lot of space.
Sturdiness is important when choosing a Drawing Table! You don't want it to wiggle around while drawing.

Know yourself, what you like to work with and how. If you tend to draw traditionally a lot, namely with paint, watercolors and other wet materials, you might want a table for drawing only.

In this case, one the size of the mentioned above is more than enough.

If you’re only planning on drawing with simple pencils, that won’t dirty your workplace a lot and finish them later on your computer, then one big table does the job!

Remember that space is very important while working, so you’re free to move around.

Keep that in mind!

  • Material. This comes down to which materials you’re using for your art. If you like to paint or inking and don’t like to have a dirty surface, do try to get a material that’s easy to clean. A wooden tablet won’t probably do since it will be hard to scrub paint from it. If you like the artsy look it gives as you work on it and as time goes by, then this won’t be a problem for you!
Which materials are you using for drawing - It matters when choosing a drawing table!

Other than that, there are other specific features to look for.

Some tables are very simple, just a hard surface and you’re set.

But you might want other features, such as being able to move the surface of the table! Regulating the inclination of your surface, so you can position yourself better while working.

If you work in animation or do a lot of inking drawings, something that helps you trace your sketches into a clean piece of paper (like the Portable Led Box that can serve as a light box) can be very useful!

Some drawing tables have glass surfaces, totally or partially translucent, and with a light underneath that you can use.

This way you can draw on it and, whenever you’re done and want to go for the tracing part, you just need to turn the light on and start!

Why I Chose the VKTEKLAB Light Box as a Drawing Board

If you’re not merely looking for a surface, but something more, this is a perfect choice.

You can use it as both a board to draw on top of it, but also as a light box. More than that, you can also regulate the inclination of the board!

This way, no matter how and where you like to sit, you’ll have a good position to set your board and draw comfortably.

The Light Box Tracer is great to use as both a drawing board and a light box!

Very portable and lightweight and has its own illumination, that you can adjust how much brightness you want and it has anti-flicker technology.

If you tend to draw for a long time, you won’t get headaches from the light.

The board also has two rulers, to help you with your drawings and measures. Lastly, it’s USB powered!

Just plug it into a wall outlet, a computer or even a power bank and start your drawings!

Here’s the link again in case you want to grab one: VKETKLAB Tablet on Amazon

Features to Look for in a Drawing Board

Once again it all depends on what you’re using it for.

As mentioned before, you might want just something very simple. A basic hardboard, big or small, just so you have a sturdy surface to put your paper on.

It’s also very helpful if you like to draw outdoors and your lap is too irregular to draw on. A board that is light and small enough to bring outside, so you can draw comfortably, is more than enough.

Drawing outdoors or inside - choosing a drawing board for you depends on this factor as well!

On another hand, if you work in animation, calligraphy, you like to sketch and then do a clean version so you can ink on top, or even if you work with tattoo designs, maybe something a bit more sophisticated might be of help.

A board that is not only a sturdy surface to work on but also a lightbox is a perfect mix.

You can find them in smaller sizes to make them more portable.

Of course, the disadvantage here is that you can’t bring it nor use it anywhere you want. But if you work both at home and an office, you can bring it with you, plug it and use it.

Depending on what kind of art you do, your needs for a board change. There’s no bad way to go about this. It all depends if you want something very simple or more complex and what kind of work you’re doing on it and you’re set.

Of course, there’s always the option of having both kinds of boards, if you wish to!

Why Having a Good Drawing Table or Board Matters!

Keep always in mind that your posture is very important while drawing.

Even if you prefer to draw on a sofa leaning your paper on your knees, having a board will help your body a lot.

While drawing, even if you don’t notice, you tend to keep some tension on your shoulders, on your hands and wrists.

As you concentrate on the task itself, your body will start to slump and position itself in a not so healthy way.

You might even feel comfortable at the time, but when you come back to reality, you’ll feel all that tension that built up over time.

Remember taking breaks frequently when drawing! A great Drawing Table helps but it doesn't solve the problem completely!

Even if you love drawing and want to do it as much as possible, you need to take care of yourself.

Take breaks frequently.

Get up and walk a bit in your house or apartment. And most importantly, have a good workspace. Good tables, chairs, and even boards will matter a lot to your position.

The fact that you can regulate your chair and even the surface of your table, lets you customize your workspace so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

Try always to have a good space to draw so you can help your body from hurting and keep any injuries as far as possible from you!

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