NeatoShop Store! (Review on Quality and link below!)

I was recently contacted by a Neatoshop associate to open my own Store there, and I have to say it has been wonderful working with them so far! They gave me a lot of support and help to post all my products there and even Increase my audience by connecting to them. They also gave …

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Eternal Dragon Shenron – Dragon Ball Fan Art

eternal dragon shenron, dragon ball z, dragon balls, dragon, ouroboros, nostalgic, nostalgia, artwork, illustration

“Eternal Dragon. By Your name I summon you forth, Shenron!” The nostalgia hits close to home with this, Shenron is awesome and I’m a huge fan of Dragon Ball. Enjoyed watching and re-watching, and even playing the games some years later! Just had to make a piece about this mythical Dragon, so I mashed it …

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