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Free Expression Resources (With Downloadable Template)

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Hello Artist!

Here are the expression resources that we talked about on our Youtube Channel (@DonCorgi)

Enjoy and have fun practicing!

Free Downloadable Expressions Template

download expression template for portraits
Portrait Expressions Template
Click the image to get a higher resolution! Save it to your computer and draw.

Feel free to use this Expressions Template to practice drawing expressions!

Use the left square to draw the base (emotionless) portrait of your character.

Use the other 4 squares to practice the different expressions that you want! I recommend starting with some of the ones we talked about in our videos.

Here’s another version you can use!

facial expressions template

Free Reference Photos For Expressions

There are many places to get great reference photos, the ones below are some of my favorites.

Remember that you can also take a few selfies or take photos while facing the mirror, to get that specific expression you want to draw!

Other than that, feel free to ask a friend for help. It can be a fun time and helps you get the exact expressions that you want from a different face.

If you’d like to check a few more websites, check out this post on the best free reference photo websites!

Have fun drawing those expressions, and as always:

Keep on drawing!

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