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25 Summer Drawing Ideas (Easy And Cute!)

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Looking for some summer drawing inspiration to capture those carefree summer vibes in your sketches, aren’t you?

From the simple charm of ice cream cones to the vibrant allure of sunflowers, there’s a lot you can draw.

Maybe you’re curious about adding a touch of fantasy with a mermaid or keeping it fresh with a cool iced drink. Here are the best Summer Drawing Ideas for you.

Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone drawing idea for summer

Drawing an ice cream cone is a fun and simple way to capture the essence of summer.

Start with a classic waffle cone and add a melting scoop (or two or 3!) on top.

Tip: Add some chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles for a playful touch.


cartoon drawing of a watermelon, a great summer drawing idea

After enjoying your ice cream creation, let’s draw another summer drawing idea by sketching a juicy slice of watermelon.

Start with a vibrant red slice and add small black seeds.

Tip: You can imagine a fun watermelon picnic, and incorporate a playful watermelon pattern on the rind! Or even add a refreshing watermelon smoothie.


easy drawing of sunflowers for summer

Let’s brighten up your sketchbook with cheerful and always vibrant sunflowers.

Start by drawing the middle seeds, and then add some sunflower leafs all around!

Tip: You can also add a simple stalk to your drawing.

The Beach

easy drawing of a summer beach

Just as sunflowers bring warmth to your sketchbook, the serene beauty of the beach can bring tranquility and endless summer days.

Draw a vibrant beach umbrella casting shade on a sandy shore.

Tip: Add a colorful beach ball and a patterned beach towel fluttering in the ocean breeze.


simple surfboard drawing

Sketch a sleek surfboard resting against the sand or in the water!

Experiment with different surfboard designs, and have fun with it.

Tip: Google or use Pinterest to find some fun surfboard designs.


simple drawing of a pineapple for summer

A pineapple’s unique texture and vibrant crown make it a great subject for your summer sketches.

It can be very refreshing in a sultry summer day.

Tip: You can also draw a pineapple slice instead!


cute cartoon drawing of a boat

Setting sail on your sketchpad or digital software, boats offer a perfect blend of structure and fluidity for your summer drawings.

Sketch a graceful sailboat, a charming wooden boat, or a hardworking fishing boat.

Tip: For a modern touch, try a sleek speed boat. Or draw a pirate ship!


cute drawing of a sandcastle by patricia at doncorgi

A sandcastle makes for an enchanting addition to your summer sketchbook.

Keep it simple, or create a huge castle with many towers; it’s up to you!

Tip: Don’t forget to add a flag on top!

Sea Turtle

drawing of a sea turtle for summer

Prefer to draw summer animals? Draw the lovely and graceful sea turtle!

Draw an adult one on the sea, or a bunch of them in the sand.

Tip: Try out different shell patterns and have fun with drawing a turtle!

Hibiscus Flower

minimalistic drawing of a hibiscus flower

The hibiscus flowers, with such wonderful colors, are a big sign of tropical beauty!

Keep the petals very simple, and have fun drawing this flower.

Tip: Experiment with different colors and patterns!

Barbecue (BBQ)

cartoon drawing idea of a barbecue (bbq) with meat on the grill

A backyard barbecue offers a perfect opportunity to showcase summer through your drawings!

Sketch the details of the grill tools and add some meat or vegetables to the grill!

Tip: Draw some wavy lines on top for the heat and smoke!


cartoon drawing of a volleyball flying through the air

After enjoying some barbecue, head to the beach to draw the dynamic energy of a volleyball game with your sketches!

Keep the shapes very simple, no need to complicate it!

Tip: Add some lines trailing the ball to show speed in the drawing.

Palm Tree

simple illustration of a Palm Tree on a beach by patricia at don corgi

Let’s draw a tropical paradise with a Palm Tree!

Draw a long tree trunk for the base, and then add some palm tree fronds at the top.

Tip: Add some sand and shells around the tree!

Campfire With Marshmallows

cartoon drawing of a campfire with marshmallows over the fire for summer

As the sun sets on your tropical paradise, draw a cozy campfire, roasting marshmallows to enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of a summer evening!

Use simple shapes for both the fire and marshmallows.

Tip: Add a BUNCH of marshmallows to each stick.


cartoon drawing of a frisbee by patricia at artbydoncorgi

Frisbees are usually thrown around during summer time! So draw a frisbee, or even a couple of them, with different people enjoying this outdoor exercise.

Tip: Add some lines trailing the frisbee for extra emphasis on speed!


simple drawing of a pink fish for summertime

Draw a serene fish swimming in a sunlit pond or even a vibrant coral reef!

You can also sketch tropical fish exploring underwater coral or create an aquarium scene with diverse species.

Tip: Try out different color combinations! Fish come in all shapes and colors.

Convertible Car

cute drawing of a convertible car seen from the side view

Draw a simple convertible car, perfect for a road trip filled with retro nostalgia!

This is a lovely summer drawing idea for people that love automobiles and catching some wind.

Tip: Try different shapes, sizes, and colors for your car!


simple drawing of sunglasses in a cartoon style for a summer drawing idea

As your convertible car cruises along the coastal road, don’t forget to sketch a cute and stylish pair of sunglasses!

Experiment with retro style by drawing funky frames or classic aviator shades.

Tip: Add some highlights on the lenses for the sun shining on them!


drawing of summer fireworks, simple and cute in red and yellow

Draw vibrant fireworks bursting in the sky with different colors!

Red, yellow, green, all the colors you’d like for fireworks.

Tip: Create big and tiny explosions to show some contrast!


cartoon drawing of two butterflies, a yellow and orange one, and a blue and orange one

With their delicate wings and vibrant colors, butterflies are perfect summer drawing ideas!

You can even draw a full summer garden filled with butterflies!

Tip: Try out different patterns and colors for your butterfly drawings.


drawing of coconuts, one half coconut and an entire coconut in a cartoon art style

Time to draw some coconuts in a cartoon style!

Draw an entire coconut or half a coconut cracked. You can also draw the coconut tree!

Tip: Contrast the colors by using a strong whiteish color for the inside of this fruit.


cute cartoon drawing of a mermaid for summer art ideas

Enjoy drawing fantasy? Draw a magical mermaid swimming through the ocean.

Keep the tail very long and scaly, and don’t forget to add some simple swimwear!

Tip: Try drawing both a mermaid and a merman!

Cool Ice Drink

easy drawing of a cool iced drink with a straw on a glass

Need some refreshments? Draw a cool ice drink for a hot summer day!

You can also draw an entire stand selling these adorable ice drinks.

Tip: Don’t forget to add a straw and some ice to your drink!

Sea Shells

cartoon drawing of two seashells, one yellow and one pink

Seashell collections are so fun and wonderful! So how about drawing seashells for a summer art idea?

Study the shapes carefully, but keep them simple!

Tip: You don’t need to draw only the usual seashell colors. Try pink, yellow, and more!


minimal drawing of summer waves by patricia at doncorgi

Water can be hard to draw! But try drawing a simplified version of the motion of waves with their fluid forms and dynamic curves.

Tip: Take this drawing idea as a challenge!

There you have it, art friends! A whole bunch of fun and easy summer drawing ideas to keep you creating all summer long.

Whether lounging by the pool or going on a sunny adventure, don’t forget to bring your sketchbook along.

Doodle those melty popsicles, sketch those smiley sunflowers, and have fun with the memories you’re making.

Happy sketching!

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Patricia Caldeira is the main writer here at Don Corgi. She's an art teacher with over 20.000 happy students across many platforms and courses!

Enjoy your stay and as always:
Keep on drawing!

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