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Previous Commissions [2015]

Here’s a small selection of the commissions that I’ve done over the past year! Table of Contents GameLark RemixesPure KaozTheOneTarZack Soup GameLark Remixes Pure Kaoz   TheOneTar Zack Soup   For business inquiries e-mail me at or use the Contact Form Read more…

fallout 4, illustration, fallout 3, gaming, tunnel snakes rule

New Fallout Inspired Design!

We just posted a new Illustration based on Fallout 3!

Hearing the news of Fallout 4, we just ran over to our computers to boot (once again) Fallout 3 and New Vegas, they are just such amazing games. Of course we ran into the greatest gang on the Wasteland, the Tunnel Snakes! And we couldn’t hold our happiness and somewhat nostalgic feeling, so we had to do an Illustration to serve as a Memento to them.

witcher 3 wild hunt, illustration, fan art, retro gaming, game

New Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Illustration!

We just posted a new Illustration based on the Witcher 3 on the website!

It’s just amazing the World that CD Projekt RED has created with their amazing “The Witcher” Video Game Series, it just kept expanding and expanding to a point where it has around 200h of gameplay right now (on Witcher 3)! Such a great videogame.