New Things EVERYWHERE! (Redbubble, Society6 …) Dark Souls and BloodBorne Fan Art Prints

Looking for some new Designs to liven up the Place?

Or maybe you would like to get some Dark Souls and Bloodborne Art to show your commitment to the series?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve just update our stores on Redbubble and Society6  with a bunch of new Designs, from Dark Souls, to Bloodborne, to DragonBall Fan Art! Come take a look and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Don Corgi Designs on Society6 and Redbubble, Dark Souls and Bloodborne Fan Art

Brighten up your living room with some Posters, Clocks or even a Rug.

P.S.: Have you seen those Mugs?

But what if you don’t really care about the Soulsborne (Dark Souls and Bloodborne) series?

(the games are AMAZING in my opinion, but to each their own!)

Maybe you’d prefer some Nintendo Fan Art instead! You can still go to our links and find those pieces, for example our latest Blog Post related to the Zelda Games was about how amazingly detailed she is in the latest Breath of the Wild game.

(We still got to play that game, but couldn’t resist doing some Fan Art!)


That’s all for this short Blog Post, I’ll see you later!

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See you soon!

P.S.: Corgis are Awesome, and so are you!