A previous Android game “Math Arcade for Kids” I’ve worked on, I was contacted by GraphiteSoft to work with them on this contract, all the artwork was entirely done by me and I was also in charge of the art direction.

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I was handed an early prototype and was able to Theme it while discussing possible Kid-Friendly thematics with the company, and then…

Clever Owl was born!

math arcade emotions, character design, clever owl

Quite fun to create this character and give it several emotions, the company was also really pleased with the outcome which is a big plus.

I took care of all the User Interface as well including Credits Screen, Main Menu and Score Screen between others.

clever owl, math arcade screen, ui art, user interface, play screen

math arcade game over screen, end game, ui art, mobile game, android game

Android Game store link (Free): Math Arcade for Kids

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