Drawing Animals: Learn to Draw a Squirrel! [Class Inside with FREE Limited Coupons!]

Are you looking for a fun Class where you can Draw a cute new subject?

Join me to be Improve your Drawing Skills in a fun and relaxing way, Drawing Animals!



More about the Class

Welcome to my Class on How to Draw a Squirrel! Here you’ll quickly learn how to draw a Squirrel in several Positions, this is one of my Classes on Drawing Animals.

I’m Patricia, a Professional Artist that loves to Draw Animals and People, and I’ve been helping people learn this skill for a few years now. In this Class I’ll take you through my Step-by-Step Process for Drawing Animals in a very simple way, you can follow me along while I draw or take it all in and Draw right after.

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Resources for Drawing Animals from Reference Images
  • Drawing a Squirrel in a Standing Position (Side, Front and Back View)
  • Drawing a Sitting Squirrel (Side, Front and Back View)
  • Drawing a Sleeping Squirrel (Side, Front and Back View)
  • A Fun Exercise to help you Improve your Drawings!

Once you finish this Class you’ll be able to Draw a Squirrel in the position you want, starting from basic shapes and going all the way to Coloring it. You’ll also improve your Drawing Skills by practising with a new and fun Subject: Drawing a Squirrel!

So come right in, and let’s start!

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