How to Draw Eyes – Drawing Angular Eyes

09 - How to Draw Eyes - Drawing Angular Eyes by Don Corgi
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Drawing Angular Eyes

Let’s go for more Facial Features!

Why are Eyes so Difficult to Draw?

Well for one we are Constantly Looking at them.
When we talk to other people we focus on their face features, most noticeably the Eyes. So our Expectations are very High since we have stared at all the little details of other people’s Eyes our entire lives. Makes sense right?

Because of these same Expectations, we judge our own Art too harshly, we try so hard to perfect what we’ve been seeing our entire life that we stop looking at the base Shapes, Volumes and characteristics.

So we need to go back to the basics and use simple shapes before we can start adding all those little details that make the Eye as beautiful as it is.

Why are we doing Angular Eyes?

Angular Eyes are usually drawn for Menacing and Confident Characters, you should keep in mind this Archetype, there are two more that I will talk about in future Posts. But on a General Note Sharp and Pointy means you’re trying to make the Character or Object Menacing, Evil or Strong and Sharp (Sharp Mind in this Case).

If you think about a Triangle and a Circle, which is more menacing?

Also, I really like drawing this type of eyes in my Characters, so bear with me and let’s start Drawing them!


Start with an Almond Shape

(1) For Angular Eyes, which is what we’ll be talking about in this post, the Basic shape that you have to keep in mind is an Almond. Maybe keep it a bit more Square than what a perfect rounded Almond looks like, but you get the big picture.

It’s all about setting a Strong and Loose Almond Shape with a Sharp corner at the tip. Make the bottom line of the Eye round up into a Corner at the end.


Add the Iris and Pupil

(2) Draw the Iris and Pupil inside with simple Circles. Do try to do each line in one go, it will make your overall Art look more Confident and make it look better in general.


Add Details to your Angular Eyes

(3) You can also add a quick thicker line above the eye to make the Eyebrow but we won’t be discussing those kinds of details in this Post yet.

Focus on doing the most Eyes you can on several pages and you’ll see improvement in no time!


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How to Draw Eyes - Drawing Angular Eyes by Don Corgi
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