How to Draw Eyebrows – Eyebrow Shapes

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Drawing Eyebrow Shapes

We’ve Drawn Eyes and even added some Depth and Details to them, let’s move on to the next part, creating Eyebrows and the Eyebrow Shapes!

What Size should I draw the Eyebrows? What Shapes?

There are many ways you can draw Eyebrows, people are very different from each other! Some people Pluck their eyebrows, others don’t. Some have long and thing eyebrows that resemble a single line like a tiny ant trail and some have short and hairy brows like tiny bushes.

So this will be a small post about Tips on how to Draw Eyebrows.


Decide the Type of Eyebrow

First decide what type of Eyebrow you’re drawing. Is it Thick? Is it Long? Or is it Tiny? Maybe it’s so long that it’s an “Unibrow”. Figure that out first.

Then you can start painting.

For example. for a Thick, Hairy and Long Eyebrow you’ll want to make a big rounded curved shape for the main Eyebrow and then you can add Small Strokes around it for the Hairy look. Try to keep the strokes very quick and loose, each one at a time.

For the distance between the main Eye and the Eyebrow, about 1 finger of distance is usually enough, but it varies depending on who you’re drawing so try different measurements and see what works best for yourself.

Rule of Thumb: Try to keep this in mind, for most Eyebrows the Closer to the Nose it is, the Bigger and more Rectangular it becomes. And the Closer to the Ear it is, the Narrower and Pointy it should be Drawn.


Try Different Eyebrow Styles!

Instead of an Angular Eyebrow as before, you can also just make it somewhat Straight, so it looks sort of Horizontal. Or you can Exaggerate it and make it Super Angular with stronger corners.

If you’d rather make a Thin Eyebrow then focus on creating a Simple Long Stroke at once. This will make your character look a bit simpler, in case you are doing a more Stylized Character or if you’re drawing your character using Makeup Eyebrows.

These are usually the two Major Ones you can do, but you can try anything in between or Exaggerate them and see what you like the most, don’t be afraid to Experiment! That’s a big part of the fun (at least for me!).

How to Draw Eyebrows - Eyebrow Shapes Examples by Don Corgi
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I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick post about Eyebrows, what has been working for You?

Do you have any Tips that you’d like to share? Place them in the comments!


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