Draw Eye Anatomy – Adding Details to Your Eyes

Draw Eye Anatomy - Adding Details to Your Eyes
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Eye Anatomy Details

Let’s talk about detailing your Eye Drawing and adding some Depth.

Should I do Simple Stylized Eyes or Realistic with a lot of Details?

It’s up to you and your style. I tend to do a lot of Simple Shapes because that’s my Style, but the basic rules apply to whatever you’re creating, you just build up more from there if you want to go all out and create Photo Realistic Eyes.


Start with a Basic Shape

(1) So let’s do this, I have a basic shape here for an Eye that I’ve drawn before, very simple lines and very loose.


Add Eyelashes

(2) Start by adding a few Eyelashes, to do this just make several quick strokes along the top part of the Eye, most Eyes have them pointing to the opposite side of where your nose is, or in other words, going outwards.

There are several types of Eyelashes that you can do but the two Extremes are: Thick & Long and Slim & Short. Anything in between is quite fine and you can even go all out and Exaggerate them to extremes!

Some artists don’t even draw the Eyelashes One by One and prefer to create a Single Big Stroke to represent them.

Let’s talk about the Iris of the Eye and the impact of the Light.


Adding the Highlight of the Light Source

(3) When the Sun or another Light Source hits your eye, since the Eye itself is a Sphere the light enters by one side, bounces around and exits through the Opposite Side. Different Lights have different Effects so it may vary, but this is the ground Rule and my personal Stylistic Approach.

So make a circle in one part of the Eye and another on the Opposite Side of the Eye and fill the space inbetween with your chosen Iris Color.

There is also always the option that the light is coming more directed to the Eye, so instead of an Entry and Exit Point we would only have an Entry Point for the Eye. This is also an option in case you want to have a Simpler and more Linear Style for the Eye.


Draw Eye Anatomy - Adding Details to Your Eyes by Don Corgi
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That’s about it, well done!


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