How to Draw Ears – Drawing Round Ears

How to Draw Ears - Drawing Round Ears by Don Corgi
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Drawing Round Ears


How to Draw Big Round Ears?

We’ve talked in another Post before about how you could Draw Pointy Ears, like a High Fantasy Elf, this time we’re going to talk about a rather more Rounded and Thicker type of Ears, Round Ears!

These types of Ears tend to be used on simpler Characters or even Fantasy Characters with low Inteligence (think, Ogres and Cyclops). They don’t need to be necessarily Big, small Ears will do as well so do with them what you want and try a few different styles for yourself, Experimenting is a big part of the Art Process.

So let’s get going!


Decide the Height of the Ear

(1) When drawing Round Ears or any Ears, the first thing you want to do is start with a straight Vertical Line to know the Height of the Ear where it connects to the Head.

Then you can create a Big Circle cutting off at that previous Line for the Base Shape of the Ear, and another smaller Quarter Circle below for the Ear Lobe. You can already see a very Basic Ear here.

Finally let’s add another Half Circle for the Ear Tragus and a Curved Line for the Helix up top. Don’t worry about how your lines look too much, just relax your wrist and start sketching.


Sketch it up

(2) Next let’s sketch some of those previous lines and add some Details, keep some Space from each line so the Ear looks thicker.


Clean the Lines

(3) Now let’s do some final Clean Lines, these will be our last lines so take your time and keep them very clean, smooth and Long.

TIP: For an extra Thickness factor, keep the lines away from each other, making the Ear look Meatier.

Well done! Now let’s add some Colors, pick a skin color of your choice, I’m picking a brown color here, and paint everything up.

Now choose a dark tone and paint some quick shadows on the Ear, that will give it an extra depth while drawing round Ears.


How to Draw Ears - Drawing Round Ears
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Good job! We’re done with our Big Round Ear!

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