How to Draw a Dog – Draw a St. Bernard

How to Draw Dogs - Draw a St. Bernard Step by Step
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How to Draw a Big Fuzzy Dog?


So we’ve covered how to Draw Dalmatians, the Lean and very Slick Dogs. We’ve covered how to Draw Corgis, the Short and Hairy Dogs. We’re only missing one archetype, which are the Big and Fuzzy Dogs, so we’re going to draw a Saint Bernard.

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Let’s start Drawing a St. Bernard!

(1) Draw a Rectangular shape with rounded Corners, almost like a big Loaf of Bread. This will be the main Body of our Saint Bernard.


Draw the Body Shapes

(2) Then draw the Head, create a Big Circle with a short rounded Snout at the Side.

Add a Triangle near the Circle, this will be the Saint Bernard’s Ear. You can do it however you want but I tend to do them dropping down and without too many sharp corners.

Now we need to add his Hind Leg at the Right, with a little bit of the Paw poking out. And a Front Leg coming from his Shoulder and going all the way near his Head.

Finally we are only missing a bit of Tail to the Right, make loose Lines in a Wavy form for the top part and that should do it.

Can you see the General shape of the Saint Bernard?


Add Details

(3) We have our main shapes, so start Roughing around Details. Add Fur around his Neck and all over his body, to do this just create small lines in quick strokes to give it a Fuzzy look. Don’t forget to add a quick closed Eye and a small Nose. (we go through this more in Detail (pun intended) on our Online Class!)


Clean Everything Up and Color it!

(4) Now we just need to Clean it up, so start creating Lines with smooth long Lines for the Main shapes of the Head and Ear, but most of the body is going to be extra Fuzzy due to all that Fur, so for this just add short quick Lines all around. These will be the last lines of the Image so do take your Time and make as perfect as you can!

Finally add the Colors, Saint Bernards tend to have very simple Colors, most of the time these are two Tones, one which is a light Cream color and the other which is an Orange or Brown Tone.

How to Draw Dogs, Draw a St. Bernard Sleeping Step by Step
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And there we go, Nicely Done!

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