How to Draw a Dog – Draw a Dalmatian Step by Step

How to Draw a Dog - Draw a Dalmatian Step by Step
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How can I Draw a Dalmatian Dog, or any Lean Dog Breed?


With a Step by Step post, that’s how!

We’ve covered Drawing a small and somewhat Fuzzy Corgi Dog before, which covers this main Archetype of Small Dogs, although there are always ways to mix and match types of Dogs so do try Drawing different styles! (And it’s a whole lot of fun!)

To Draw a Lean and Tall Dog you need to focus on the Elegance and Slim shapes of the Animal, and to do this you have to keep your lines very lose and Long, you don’t want to make tiny lines joined together.


So let’s jump right into it.

I’m using some Guidelines in this Post, this is Optional but if you want them you can Download them Here (and even Print them Out) or you can create your own with 4 Horizontal Lines spread apart evenly.

(1) & (2) Start by creating a Vertical Line from the first Guideline to the last. This will define how tall the Dalmatian is, from his Head at the Top to his Paws at the Bottom.

Now create a small Horizontal line at the Bottom where his paws will be, then a Longer Horizontal Line above the previous Line, somewhere near the Third guideline. This will be his Width of the Body since he will be seated.

Now draw another smaller one above for the Shoulder position, and another one above near the Second Guideline for the Neck Width.


(3) Great job, now we can start Roughing out some Features. (more on this in our Online Class)

Draw a Circle for the Head at the Top Guideline, with a downward facing Triangle on each side for the Ears. You can now better see the Dog slowly coming together.


What about all those Lines that we did Previously?


Let’s join them up! Think of it like you’re Drawing a Vase Shape to put some Flowers in.

Now start Roughing everything up, Create lines coming from near the shoulder Position to make the Legs and Put them somewhat close to each other at the bottom Line. You can add some little paws for him if you’d like, don’t worry if it looks Sketchy, we will clean Everything up later.

Keep adding Details like the Collar, the Nose and Eyes in the Head and just keep going until you’re happy with it. Don’t forget to add the Back Legs in the shape of an Arch.

Alright so now we just need to clean everything up, so grab a Pen or make a new Layer if you’re working Digitally and start drawing some Lines! Again, keep them very Loose and steady, this is a very Lean Dog so do take your time to create your Lines with as few strokes as possible.

These are also our Last Lines in this drawing so you want to make them as perfect as you can!


Time to “Color” our Dalmatian Dog

(4) Finally let’s add some quick Colors, so since this is a Dalmatian there isn’t actually much color to add, so paint the whole body white at First and then start adding some Black spots around it. Get creative with your Pattern! Every Dalmatian is different so have fun with it and try different styles. P.S.: Don’t forget to color the Collar if you’ve drawn it up.

I’ll also add some Shadows to the Figure so it pops out a bit more, but that’s completely optional at this point.


How to Draw Dogs, Draw a Dalmatian Step by Step
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Alright that’s about it, well done!


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