Master Drawing a Bunny and Other Rodents – Drawing Course!

Draw Bunnies and other Rodents on Udemy! by Don Corgi

Master Drawing a Bunny and other Rodents, with us!

– Teachers with Years of experience in Drawing and Digital Painting; 
– Professional Artists; 
– Fundamentals of Drawing explained in a Simple Manner;

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Perfect for Drawing Beginners

This Course is suited for Drawing Beginners, either if you want to up your Character and Creature Design skills or to learn some of the basics. With this Drawing Course where we draw a Bunny and other Rodents like Squirrels and Mice, we will cover a lot of different basic Techniques to improve your overall Drawing Skills.

We’ll be covering a lot of the Principles of Drawing from: 

  • Sketching
  • to Inking  
  • to Coloring

For the Course, you’ll need either a Pencil + Piece of Paper or a Drawing Tablet + Drawing Software of your choice! Either is fine to use, pick the Drawing tool that you feel more comfortable with.  Master Drawing Animals by following step by step instructions.

Follow Us Step by Step

We won’t be giving you a lot of Theory to hear, we believe in Improving by Practising! So you will be Drawing Rodents from the very beginning of this Art Course.

I’ll be using Manga Studio / Clip Studio with my Drawing tablet but you’re free to use whatever you feel more used to since the important thing to do here is to just practice.

Master Drawing a Bunny and other Rodents in our Course

Master Drawing a Bunny and more!

We’ll be Covering:

  • the Fuzzy Squirrel;
  • the Fluffy Bunny;
  • the Ball Mouse / Pet Rat;

This Course is also suitable for Children and Kids since we’ll be drawing very family friendly and Cute Cartoon Bunnies and Rodents, a fun subject perfect for a Beginner. (Who doesn’t love Drawing Animals?)

Example of Drawing a Squirrel Standing, from the online drawing Course

At the end of this Art Course, you’ll be able to Draw a Bunny and other Rodents that you want in whatever pose you desire by Mastering these 3 Rodents with 3 different Main Poses for Each.

Improve Your Art with Fun exercises and Themes!

Can’t wait to see you on the Course!

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