[Fan Art] Curvy Princess Peach from Mario Odissey – Sexiest Peach

Curvy Princess Peach Fan Art from Mario Odissey - by Don Corgi

Princess Peach from Mario Odissey

I LOVED seeing her in Mario Odissey, so amazing, I need to admit that I still haven’t played the game though, saving up for a Switch at the moment.

Her Character Design in this game looks amazing, and with all those outfits, love it! Also if you haven’t, do check out the new Amiibos that Nintendo has made, including Princess Peach in a Wedding Dress. They are so well done.

Anyway, I just had to do some Fan Art of Princess Peach, I really love this Character through all these years, even though most of the times she is a simple Damsel in distress.

I went for a more Curvy look this time around, not the traditional skinny Peach that you often see, and I’m pretty happy with the end result, what do you think? Any Character that you’d like to see next? Leave a comment below!

Curvy Princess Peach Fan Art from Mario Odissey - by Don Corgi

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